Chartered Accountants

We are skilled at providing legal advice and assistance to Members of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) whose professional conduct has been called into question by the ICAEW.

We understand the importance of any investigation that calls into question the professional conduct, fitness to practise and integrity of ICAEW Members and can provide advice and assistance from the initial complaint right through to the referral by ICAEW to a full disciplinary hearing.

All ICAEW Members must comply with the Royal Charter, bye laws and Regulations of the ICAEW.


If you are an ICAEW Member:

  • Facing an investigation by ICAEW
  • Facing an ICAEW referral to a disciplinary hearing
  • Wishing to appeal against a decision of ICAEW

We provide a full range of legal advice, assistance and support.

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