Restoration to the Solicitors Roll

Applications to the SDT for restoration to the Roll are difficult. A former solicitor, who has been struck off the Roll of Solicitors wishing to apply for restoration should carefully consider his or her position. The prospects of success are low and there is a risk of an adverse costs order being made in the event the application fails.

Expert advice should be obtained in the event you are considering making an application for restoration to the Roll. I can assist and advise in the event you are considering making an application for restoration.

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“Dear Jon,

I would like to start by saying again how very grateful I am for you and your incredible work. Your diligence, depth of knowledge, exceptional expertise, years of experience and the quality of your drafting and negotiating skills are in my view (and my experience) nothing short of phenomenal.

Thank you so very much for being so dedicated, for taking so much time and attention to understand my position, the details of the case, what I want to achieve and for giving me so much time to explain things thoroughly. I truly say this: you are an absolute credit and role model for how solicitors should be with their clients and cases.

I can only say that I am absolutely overjoyed and will be forever grateful.”


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