How Businesses Have Been Caught Up In Industrial-Scale Furlough Fraud

The Financial Times has called it a “bonfire of taxpayers’ money”. All over the UK, businesses, including law firms, architects, and surveyors have been or are at risk of being exploited by criminals to defraud the Government’s Job Retention Scheme (Furlough Scheme) and Bounce Back Loans Scheme. In July 2020, two people were arrested on suspicion of creating a scam to defraud the Treasury of £500,000. According to the Independent , the main suspect had been recruiting people to set […]

How Will Coronavirus Change Law Firms?

The Coronavirus pandemic has rapidly changed all our lives, both in terms of work and home. The legal profession will, along with other sectors, face enormous challenges and opportunities dealing with the continuing pandemic and as we hopefully move into a post-Covid-19 world in 2021. Homeworking is now accepted One area which has dramatically changed as a consequence of Coronavirus, is the acceptance of homeworking. The pandemic has provided a platform to mitigate employers’ fears that productivity will drop if […]

Bolton Law Firm’s Office Reopens After Being Shut By Local Authority Due to Covid-19 Spike

In early October, a Bolton law firm was able to reopen its premises after undergoing a deep clean and reducing its capacity in communal areas. The recent incident of the law firm’s premises being shut by the local authority is a stark reminder to legal businesses to take Coronavirus health and safety precautions seriously. Environmental officials closed the premises after employees’ family members contacted the authority to inform them that staff members were not being told that other employees had […]

Correctly Supervising Solicitors Working From Home

Despite the Government’s plea for office workers to return to work provided it is safe to do so, many city workers and their employers have discovered the benefits of working from home. The past five months have shown that many people are more productive, less stressed, and happier overall when they abandon commuting and are encouraged to embrace homeworking. Employers also realise that they can save money by making plans to downsize, or in some cases, quit their central city […]

Keeping Your Law Firm Staff Safe

On 1 June 2020, the British Government’s lockdown, imposed since mid-March in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, began to ease. In England, groups of up to six people can now meet up, as long as they stay outdoors and maintain a distance apart of two metres. Schools have re-opened for Years One and Six, and Reception. And those who could not work from home are now being urged to return to their place of employment. Although most law firms have […]

Supporting Your Team’s Mental Health During Lockdown

It is fair to say that during periods of uncertainty and crisis, some people appear to cope without difficultly, while others struggle. The word ‘appear’ is relevant here. Some people are highly adept at looking like they are coping, while beneath the surface they are riddled with anxiety and worry about the economy, their jobs, their family, or their health. For employers, this poses a challenge given the duty of care they owe to their employees’ physical and mental health […]

Ethical Business Practice During Lockdown

The present period of lockdown is testing both individuals and law firms in new and unexpected ways. Many parents are having to juggle supporting their children with home-schooling while simultaneously working from home; no mean feat. Likewise, legal businesses are having to find a balance between keeping enough money flowing in, looking after their staff and clients, and adhering to the government guidance designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Some businesses within our profession have made the deliberate decision […]

How Your Law Firm Can Weather the Coronavirus Pandemic

There is no doubt, we live in uncertain times. With Coronavirus infecting business sentiment, not just people, law firms across the UK will be reviewing their position and putting in place measures to protect their commercial interests and those of their employees. The legal sector will play a vital role as the weeks and months progress. Whether it is assisting individuals through private client matters, debt, or divorce, or companies with complex commercial contract disputes, changes to leasehold agreement, or […]