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If the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) is investigating your conduct, please contact us for help. We defend licensed conveyancers, firms and other entities who are facing regulatory action.

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We provide legal advice and representation to licensed conveyancers and CLC regulated firms whose conduct has been called into question. Find out more about how we can help with –


CLC investigations

All licensed conveyancers and CLC regulated firms must adhere to the CLC’s Handbook and Code of Conduct. If concerns are raised regarding a practitioner’s conduct, the CLC must investigate the complaint. The CLC does not deal with general complaints. Rather, it deals with issues relating solely to conduct, such as the mismanagement of client money.

CLC investigations can last many months. This will be a huge worry hanging over you. It can also disrupt your day-to-day work, as you may have to gather evidence, prepare submissions and attend meetings at the CLC’s offices. We can remove this burden, acting as your legal representative for the duration of the investigation.

Responding to the initial complaint

The CLC will ask for your input if it believes the complaint carries credence. This is an important stage, because it is your opportunity to clarify the situation, preventing the complaint from going any further. We can respond to the initial complaint on your behalf, explaining how your conduct met the requirements demanded of you.

Referral to the Adjudication Panel

If the CLC believes the breach of conduct is serious, or you do not wish to comply with informal regulatory action, there will be a hearing in front of the Adjudication Panel. We can prepare your case and represent you at the hearing. We specialise in this area of the law and know how to succeed.

Sanctions and appeals

You can appeal decisions made by the CLC and the Adjudication Panel, including any enforcement determinations. Sanctions range from a fine to the suspension of your licence. We can guide you through the appeals process, working to overturn the decision and/or secure a more lenient penalty.

Why choose us?

We help professionals who are facing disciplinary action by their regulatory body – including licensed conveyancers. This is our specialist subject. Thanks to our expertise, we know exactly how to handle a complaint against you.

Being accused of misconduct is always unnerving. We appreciate just how important it is to settle the matter efficiently and effectively. You can trust us to defend your integrity and restore your reputation.

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It does not matter what stage you are at in the process. Whether you have been asked to respond to the initial complaint, or regulatory proceedings are already underway, we can help you.

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