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Are you a registered architect facing disciplinary proceedings by the Architects Registration Board (ARB)? We can help you. We defend registered architects who are under investigation. Whether you want advice when responding to an initial complaint, or you need legal representation for a Professional Conduct Committee hearing or a High Court appeal, we are here for you.

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How can we help?

We offer legal advice and representation to registered architects who have been reported to the ARB. If you are the subject of a formal complaint, find out more about how we can help you with –


ARB investigations

The Architects Act 1997 gives authority to the ARB to examine complaints made against registered architects. When a complaint is made, an investigation is carried out to determine whether an architect is guilty of serious professional incompetence and/or unacceptable professional conduct. Investigations can last for many months. You are allowed to instruct a solicitor at any stage of the process.

Responding to the initial complaint

If the ARB agrees to deal with the complaint, you will be asked to comment on the matter. It is essential to submit a compelling response. A persuasive argument at the review stage may prompt the ARB to drop the case against you. This prevents you from having to present your case at a hearing. Let us draft any written submissions on your behalf. We are highly experienced in this area of law and know how to craft an intelligent response.

Referral to the Professional Conduct Committee

If the Investigations Panel suspects that you do have a case to answer, there will be a hearing in front of the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC). Just like a trial, it is necessary to prepare your defence. This might include calling witnesses and presenting other evidence to the panel. This is a serious matter and could dictate your future career. Because the stakes are so high, we recommend letting our expert team prepare and present your case.

Sanctions and appeals

When the PCC finds an architect guilty of serious professional incompetence and/or unacceptable professional conduct, sanctions can be imposed. These range from a formal warning to the permanent erasure from the Register of Architects. Such penalties can have a detrimental impact on your life. If you wish to appeal the decision, you can make a High Court appeal. We can manage this on your behalf.

Why choose us?

If ARB regulatory proceedings are started against you, please contact us. We specialise in dealing with the ARB and can maximise your chances of a positive outcome.

For 20 years, we represented the ARB during disciplinary actions. Now, we defend architects instead. Having acted for both sides, we have an insight which few other law firms offer. We have a comprehensive understanding of how the organisation operates and know which defence strategies do (and do not) work. We apply this knowledge to each and every case, using our expertise to get you the best possible result.

Being the subject of a formal complaint is something no architect wants to face. We appreciate that you will be under a significant amount of pressure. We make the process as easy as it can be. You can rely on us to defend your name and your reputation.

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