Sanctions and Appeals

If the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) refers your case to the Disciplinary Panel, which then finds you guilty of misconduct, sanctions can be imposed. You can make an application to the Appeal Panel if you disagree with their decision.

If you want to appeal the guilty verdict, or you feel the sanctions imposed are unduly harsh, contact us straightaway. We provide legal advice and representation to RICS members. You only have 28 days make an appeal, so early legal advice is essential.

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“I would just like to reiterate my sincere gratitude for all the strategic guidance, reassurances, plain talking and speed of response that you afforded me.

The past few weeks have been an incredibly worrying time for me both professionally and personally and I am delighted with the outcome of your discussions with RICS, which I could not have achieved without you or your knowledge of relevant caselaw, rules and regulations. Because of your involvement, I can now move on with my life and career!

I genuinely would not hesitate to recommend you to any other chartered surveyor that might be facing disciplinary action by the RICS.

Many thanks and all the very best to you.”


Types of sanctions

When the RICS Disciplinary Panel finds a regulated member guilty of misconduct, it has the option of imposing sanctions. These can be made against an individual or a firm. The potential sanctions include –

  • A caution
  • A reprimand
  • A request that you give undertakings as to your future conduct
  • A fine
  • The demand that you meet certain conditions to continue your RICS membership
  • Expulsion from RICS/the removal of a firm’s registration
  • An order to take specified action, with non-compliance leading to further sanctions


Make an appeal

The Disciplinary Panel will decide which sanctions are most suitable in your particular case. This could potentially have a devastating impact on your career, damaging your reputation and your ability to work as a chartered surveyor.

However, there is action you can take. If you disagree with the guilty verdict, or you believe the sanctions are too severe, you can make an appeal. This involves serving an application to appeal on the Head of Regulatory Tribunals. This must be done within 28 days of the Disciplinary Panel’s decision.

The appeal will only be accepted if it is in writing in the form requested by RICS, and specifies the grounds on which you wish to appeal.

A hearing will then be heard in front of the Appeal Panel. Each side has a chance to present their case. Afterwards, the Chair of the Appeal Panel will announce whether it finds in your favour. If so, the Appeal Panel may –

  • Revoke or vary the Disciplinary Panel’s finding
  • Revoke or vary the sanction which has been imposed
  • Refer the matter back to the Disciplinary Panel


RICS appeal solicitor

If you want to appeal a decision made by the RICS Disciplinary Panel, we can help you. We act on behalf of RICS members who are facing disciplinary action and sanctions. As experts in this area of law, we can review your case and determine the best legal arguments to put forward. We will then handle everything for you, from submitting an application to appeal, to presenting your case in front of the hearing.

Principal Solicitor Jonathan Goodwin previously prosecuted for RICS. Now, we defend RICS members instead. This experience means we know how to pursue a successful appeal. We understand this is an incredibly stressful situation to be in. We work hard to overturn the decision against you and/or secure a more lenient sanction.

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You only have 28 days to make an appeal, starting from the date the RICS Disciplinary Panel made their decision. Because of the time limits, it is important to contact us immediately to discuss an appeal.

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