Referral to the Disciplinary Tribunal

If the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) has referred a complaint regarding your conduct to the Disciplinary Tribunal, please contact us. We can prepare your case and represent you at the hearing. We specialise in CILEx complaints and promise to deliver a robust defence, undermining the allegations against you.

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CILEx Disciplinary Tribunal

If a complaint is made against you in your capacity as a chartered legal executive, CILEx must investigate the matter and decide whether there is a case to answer. If it decides there is a case to answer but you contest the allegations (or the allegations are serious), the complaint is usually referred to the Disciplinary Tribunal.

The Disciplinary Tribunal is a panel of three people – one professional CILEx member and two lay members. A date will be set for a public hearing. Before this, you will be asked to submit any documents you wish to rely upon at the hearing, including witness statements and notices. You can also request that witnesses be called.

At the hearing, CILEx Regulation will present their case. You can then respond to the charges, call witnesses and cross-examine witnesses. The burden is on CILEx Regulation to prove, on the balance of probabilities, that you breached the CILEx Code of Conduct.

The Disciplinary Tribunal must then decide whether the allegations have been proved. If not, the case against you is over. However, if the Disciplinary Tribunal finds against you, it can impose sanctions. These include a reprimand, a fine and the exclusion of CILEx membership.

Get legal representation

When you are called to appear in front of the Disciplinary Tribunal, you are entitled to your own legal representation. It is strongly recommended that you ask an expert to help you, rather than represent yourself.

While you may have a legal background, it is beneficial to use a solicitor who is experienced in CILEx regulatory action, and who has an extensive knowledge of the various rules and regulations. This greatly increases your chances of a successful outcome. It also removes the pressure from your shoulders, as you can rely on someone else to devise a strategy, prepare the hearing documentation and fight your corner on the day.

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At JG Law we represent chartered legal executives whose conduct has been called into question. Your future may well depend on the decision of the Disciplinary Tribunal, so it is vital you instruct a specialist solicitor. We are highly experienced in this area of the law and have helped many other legal executives in a similar position to yours. We can help you too.

There is a lot riding on the Disciplinary Tribunal and we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to prove your innocence. We have unrivalled advocacy skills and know how to derail CILEx Regulation’s case against you. This will leave you free to continue with your career – and indeed, your life.

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