Referral to the Adjudication Panel CLC

If the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) has referred your case to the Adjudication Panel, we can help you. We represent licensed conveyancers and regulated firms facing disciplinary proceedings. We can prepare your defence and represent you in front of the panel, using our expertise to achieve a successful outcome.

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The CLC’s Adjudication Panel

If the CLC receives a conduct complaint about you or your firm, it will investigate the matter further. If the allegations are serious, or you refuse to co-operate with informal regulatory action, then the case is referred to the Adjudication Panel.

The Adjudication Panel is separate to the CLC. No one on the panel is a member or employee of the CLC. A date is set for a hearing in front of the panel, which will consist of at least three people. This hearing is usually public, meaning anyone can attend.

On the day, the CLC will present its case. You are able to respond to the allegations, providing evidence and calling witnesses in support of your innocence. The burden is on the CLC to prove, on the balance of probabilities, that you breached the Code of Conduct.

If the Adjudication Panel finds against you, it must decide what sanctions to impose, if any. It has a range of enforcement tools at its disposal, including, amongst others, a fine, a reprimand and the suspension of your licence.

Ask a solicitor for help

Having to appear in front of the Adjudication Panel is a serious matter. Where possible, the CLC tries to resolve complaints using informal measures. It only refers cases to the Adjudication Panel if it is in the public interest, or it believes the case is likely to be proved.

Given the enormity of the situation, we highly recommend instructing your own solicitor. We are experienced in defending licensed conveyancers during regulatory proceedings. We have an in-depth knowledge of the CLC’s regulations, along with unrivalled advocacy skills. This is a powerful combination and allows us to unravel the CLC’s case against you.

We can handle everything on your behalf, from gathering evidence to pre-hearing submissions to representing you on the day. We appreciate this is a worrying time for you. With our legal know-how and friendly support, we can guide you through the process, working hard to secure a positive outcome.

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