ARB Investigations

If you are being investigated by the Architects Registration Board (ARB), please contact us for expert legal advice. It does not matter what stage of the process you are at – we can help you.

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How do ARB complaints work?

If a client, contractor or other party is concerned with your conduct as an architect, a complaint may be made to the ARB. After this, you can expect to face the following three-stage process.

1. Review

Firstly, the ARB reviews the complaint to determine whether it falls within their scope. If so, you will be sent a copy of the complaint, asking for your comments. You must consider your response very carefully. Or even better, ask us to respond to the initial complaint instead. A persuasive argument, submitted an early stage, can result in no further action being taken. This will be a huge relief to you.

If the ARB decides further investigation is needed, the case is referred to the Investigations Panel.

2. The Investigations Panel

The Investigations Panel is a board of three people, including one architect and two members of the public. Together, the panel examines the complaint and the evidence. You may be asked to provide further written representations. After this, the panel decides what to do next. There are three possible outcomes – the case is dismissed, you are given advice about your future conduct, or the case is referred to the Professional Conduct Committee.

3. The Professional Conduct Committee

If the case is referred to the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC), there will be a hearing and a report will be presented. The Committee must decide whether you are guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and/or serious professional incompetence. If not, the case is dismissed. If you are found guilty, the PCC decides what sanctions to impose. If you are unhappy with the outcome, you can make an appeal.

Get expert legal advice

If you are being investigated by the ARB, please contact us immediately. It is best to seek early legal advice. Ideally, you should speak to us as soon as you become aware of the complaint against you. We can advise what to do next.

If you have not already done so, our first task is to respond to the initial complaint on your behalf. Thanks to our experience, we know how to formulate a strong defence which the ARB finds persuasive. The case may subsequently be dropped.

If the complaint has already proceeded to the Investigations Panel or the Professional Conduct Committee, do not worry – we can still secure a successful outcome. We will gather evidence, select witnesses and present your case, using our expertise to minimise the consequences.

When sanctions are imposed, we can talk to you about making an appeal. There are time limits at play, so early action is vital.

We know that an ARB investigation is a distressing time. We will manage the process for you, supporting you throughout. You can rest assured that you have the best legal help available. Having previously prosecuted for the ARB, we have invaluable insight and can use this to your advantage.

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