CLC Investigations

Are you under investigation by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC)? If so, please contact us straightaway. We represent CLC members whose professional conduct has been called into question.

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Complaints to the CLC

When a complaint is made against a CLC lawyer or CLC regulated body, there will be an informal enquiry. Depending on the allegations, this may be followed by a formal investigation and a public hearing.

1. Informal enquiry

If the CLC receives a complaint about a member, it will carry out an informal enquiry. The purpose is to establish whether you have failed to comply with the CLC’s Code of Conduct. If it finds there is no case to answer, or it is a general complaint (rather than a conduct complaint), the CLC takes the matter no further.

On the other hand, if the breach is considered minor, the CLC may offer some advice or support to prevent further issues arising. However, if an informal resolution is not deemed appropriate, the CLC will proceed with regulatory action.

2. Investigation

The CLC will then complete a formal investigation. As part of this, you may be asked to explain your behaviour. This may be done by way of a written report, or you may even be invited to the CLC’s offices for a meeting. It is important you seek legal advice before responding to the initial complaint. You must show how you complied with the CLC’s requirements.

Once the information has been collected, the CLC may decide that no further action is necessary. Alternatively, it may suggest that you agree to an undertaking. This is when you take steps to remedy the problem. If you fail to comply with an undertaking, or the breach of conduct is serious, the case is referred to the Adjudication Panel instead.

3. Referral to the Adjudication Panel

When a case is referred to the Adjudication Panel, a date is set for a hearing. You are allowed to attend and to present evidence in support of your case. It is recommended that you have your own legal representative. If the Adjudication Panel determines that you have breached the CLC’s Code of Conduct, sanctions can be imposed.

If you disagree with the Adjudication Panel’s decision, you can pursue an appeal.

4. Intervention

Where the CLC believes consumers are at immediate and severe risk, it will issue an intervention order. This sees the CLC take control of client monies and documents until further notice.

How can we help?

The consequences of a CLC investigation can be extremely serious. Sanctions and intervention orders can be very damaging, which may result in the closure of a firm. We can help limit the potential impact of a CLC investigation, with the aim of a positive outcome for you and (if applicable) your team.

We specialise in representing licensed conveyancers and CLC regulated firms. Our focus is to undermine the allegations against you, and to show how you complied with the standards expected of you. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know exactly how to achieve this.

It does not matter what stage you are at in the investigation process. We can support you from start to finish, from responding to the initial complaint to presenting your case to the Adjudication Panel.
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Please do not go through the CLC investigation process alone. Let us help you.

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