Sanctions and Appeals CLC

Sanctions can be imposed if a member of the Council of Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) is found guilty of misconduct. You can appeal any enforcement decisions made against you or your firm.

Your appeal must be submitted within 28 days of the Adjudication Panel’s decision. This does not leave much time to prepare an application. That is why early legal advice is strongly recommended.

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CLC sanctions

The CLC’s Adjudication Panel has a number of enforcement tools at its disposal. It may impose one or more of these sanctions as it sees fit. These can be handed to a CLC lawyer, manager, employee, Head of Legal Practice, Head of Finance and Administration or CLC regulated body/sole practitioner.

Potential sanctions include, amongst others:

  • A reprimand
  • A fine of up to £50 million for a CLC lawyer (or up to £250 million for a regulated firm)
  • The suspension of your licence
  • The revocation of your licence
  • Disqualification, either permanently or for a specified period


The Adjudication Panel’s determination is published on the CLC’s website for at least two years, or for the duration of the sanction – whichever is longer.

CLC appeals

You are entitled to appeal any enforcement decisions made by the Adjudication Panel or by the CLC. Appeals must be submitted to the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) within 28 days of the Adjudication Panel’s decision. If you want to make an appeal against a determination of the First Tier Tribunal on a point of law, an appeal is made to the Upper Chamber instead.

If the appeal is successful, the FTT or Upper Chamber may revoke the sanction, request a review or make another order. For example, it may impose a lesser sanction.

Make an appeal

Enforcement decisions can have a major bearing on your work as a licensed conveyancer. The publication of determinations on the CLC’s website can cause reputational damage, acting as a deterrent to potential clients. If your licence has been revoked, then it may well bring your career to an end.

We know how troubling enforcement decisions can be. However, you should not give up straightaway. Instead, contact us to discuss the possibility of making an appeal.

If you have grounds for an appeal, we will manage everything for you. We will put forward a solid legal argument that shows why the decision against you was either wrong, or was unduly harsh. We work hard to secure a more positive outcome, allowing you to resume your role as a licensed conveyancer.

Contact us now

You only have 28 days to submit an appeal, starting from the date the Adjudication Panel makes its decision. If you are thinking about making an appeal, immediate action is needed. There is little time to spare, so please do not delay in contacting us for expert legal advice.

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