Responding to the Initial Complaint

If the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is investigating you for potential misconduct, you will be asked to provide information about your actions. Before responding, please contact us for advice. We can answer on your behalf, demonstrating how you met the rules and standards expected of the profession.

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“I would just like to reiterate my sincere gratitude for all the strategic guidance, reassurances, plain talking and speed of response that you afforded me.

The past few weeks have been an incredibly worrying time for me both professionally and personally and I am delighted with the outcome of your discussions with RICS, which I could not have achieved without you or your knowledge of relevant caselaw, rules and regulations. Because of your involvement, I can now move on with my life and career!

I genuinely would not hesitate to recommend you to any other chartered surveyor that might be facing disciplinary action by the RICS.

Many thanks and all the very best to you.”


Complaints to RICS

Sometimes, RICS receives complaints about regulated members or firms. These may come from the public, from professionals, or from other organisations and authorities. RICS has a duty to examine the complaint.

Often, the matter goes no further. RICS might feel the matter is not serious enough to warrant action, or is not in the public interest to pursue. So, if a complaint has been made against you, you might not even hear about it.

However, if RICS decides that an investigation is needed, they will contact you and ask for more details. This may or may not come as a surprise.

What to do next

If RICS contacts you asking for further information, do not do anything until you have spoken to us. We provide expert legal advice to chartered surveyors who are being investigated for misconduct.

According to RICS, this initial response is an opportunity to explain your conduct. You must, therefore, provide a compelling argument. If you eloquently set out why you acted as you did – and how you met the standards expected of the profession – you will be in a strong position.

Your response is then reviewed by RICS, alongside the other evidence. If they are satisfied that you acted responsibly, the matter will go no further. Subsequent disciplinary proceedings will be averted.

Ask us for help

We help chartered surveyors who are facing disciplinary action by RICS. We specialise in this area of law and know exactly what to do. When you first hear from RICS, please contact us straightaway.

We can then draft an initial response on your behalf. This will compare your actions against the regulations, working to prove that you did nothing wrong. Often, this is enough to prevent disciplinary action being taken against you.

Principal Solicitor Jonathan Goodwin formerly prosecuted on behalf of RICS. His experience means he knows precisely what RICS are looking for. We use this knowledge to your benefit, providing a complete defence to the concerns raised against you.

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