CILEx Investigations

If you are a chartered legal executive under investigation, please contact us for help. We offer legal representation to individuals and entities whose conduct has been called into question by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).

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CILEx investigation process

There are four main stages to the CILEx investigation process.

1. Review

When CILEx receives a complaint regarding a member, it will carry out an initial review. This determines whether CILEx has the jurisdiction to investigate the complaint, and whether there is evidence of misconduct. If not, the matter goes no further. If CILEx believes there is cause for concern, further investigations will be carried out.

2. Investigation

Typically, this is the point at which you become aware of the complaint against you. You will be asked to respond to the complaint and provide evidence in support of your case. Please contact us for expert legal advice before responding to the initial complaint.

The Investigating Officer uses this information to prepare a report on your case. This is sent to you, and you have 14 days to submit any comments. If the Investigating Officer believes there is no case to answer, the complaint is dropped.

Otherwise, the report (along with your comments) is passed to the Professional Conduct Panel. Alternatively, if the allegations are serious, the case may be referred directly to the Disciplinary Tribunal.

3. Referral to the Professional Conduct Panel

The Professional Conduct Panel (PCP) is made up of one chartered legal executive and two lay members. A private meeting is held, during which the panel considers your case and decides the outcome. It is not a hearing – you are not permitted to attend, unless you are specifically invited to do so.

If the PCP decides there is no case to answer, the complaint goes no further. However, if the PCP decides you are guilty of misconduct, the case is referred to the Disciplinary Tribunal. Or, if you accept the misconduct and the allegations are not serious, you may be invited to enter into a determination by consent. This is when you agree to a particular sanction.

4. Referral to the Disciplinary Tribunal

The Disciplinary Tribunal is made up of one chartered legal executive and two lay members. A public hearing is held, during which each side presents their case. It is much like a trial, in that witnesses can be called and a closing speech given. You are entitled to have your own legal representation.

If the Disciplinary Tribunal finds against you, sanctions can be imposed. These range from a reprimand to a £100,000 fine. Your CILEx membership can even be revoked. If you disagree with the verdict, or you feel the sanctions are unduly harsh, you can appeal the Disciplinary Tribunal’s decision.

Speak to a solicitor

If you are under investigation by CILEx, please contact us straightaway. We help chartered legal executives who are facing allegations of misconduct. We represent CILEx members, practitioners and authorised entities.

It does not matter what stage you are at – we can take over the management of the case, liaising with CILEx and submitting evidence to prove your innocence. If the complaint progresses all the way to the Disciplinary Tribunal, we can represent you at the hearing, applying our advocacy skills to quash the case against you. We can also guide you through the appeals process, should it be necessary.

Understandably, this is a frightening time for you, as the ramifications of a guilty verdict can be devastating. We are experts in this field. You can trust us to secure a successful outcome.

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To speak to a solicitor, call us on 0151 909 2380, email or complete the Free Online Enquiry Form.