Professional Discipline And Regulatory Solicitors

Professional Discipline & Regulatory Solicitors (Lawyers)

If you are a member of a professional body, from a surveyor to an osteopath, a legal executive to a dentist or an accountant, you may find yourself under investigation at some point in your career from your professional body. As a specialist professional disciplinary and regulatory solicitor and advocate, I firmly believe that I will provide you with the best support available.

Professional Discipline Or Regulatory Assistance

I am able to assist you in whichever profession you operate because the way that each regulatory organisation works is by and large the same.

My strong advice is to make contact with me as quickly as possible as time is always of the essence in disciplinary matters for professional service providers. Often you are only given 14 days to draft your reply; and that reply is vitally important. It can be the difference between a disciplinary matter proceeding to the next level or being stopped in its tracks.

Please either call me on 0151 909 2380 or complete a Free Online Enquiry and I will soon be in touch.

Some professions I have helped with disciplinary or regulatory matters

I have helped all of the following professions plus many more: