Referral to the Professional Conduct Committee

If your case has been referred to the Professional Conduct Committee of the Architects Registration Board (ARB), please contact us for immediate legal advice. You are entitled to legal representation.

Having our expert team on your side is highly beneficial. We can guide you through the process, removing the burden from your shoulders. You can also rely on us to formulate the best defence, maximising your chances of success.

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Dealing with the ARB’s Professional Conduct Committee

If a complaint is raised with the ARB, it is transferred to the organisation’s Investigations Panel. The panel reviews the complaint to see whether you could be guilty of serious professional incompetence or unacceptable professional conduct. You will be asked to provide an initial response to the complaint.

If the Investigations Panel believes there is a case to answer, the ARB’s Presenter will prepare a report. Next, the matter is handed over to the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC). This committee consists of at least three people, including one architect, one lay person and one legally qualified member.

You will then receive details of the charge and the evidence to be used. Afterwards, you must respond saying whether you intend to appear at the hearing, and whether you have instructed legal representation. If you are pleading not guilty, you will also have to submit the particulars of your defence.

A hearing will be held, during which witnesses can be called and examined/cross-examined. Usually, the hearing is public, although there are some exceptions to this rule. Following the hearing, the committee must decide whether it finds you guilty or not guilty. If you are found guilty, sanctions can be imposed.

Use a solicitor

If your case has been transferred to the ARB’s PCC, we strongly advise having your own lawyer. Otherwise you face an uneven playing field, especially as the ARB’s Presenter is typically a solicitor.

When you instruct us, we carefully consider your case and devise the right strategy. If pleading not guilty, we can draw up witness statements, gather evidence and put together a solid legal argument. We then present your case at the hearing.

There is a lot of administrative work involved before the hearing, such as making submissions and dealing with pre-trial directions. We handle all of this for you, providing practical legal advice throughout. This support will be a huge relief.

You can feel confident that your case is in the most capable hands. Principal Solicitor Jonathan Goodwin spent 20 years prosecuting for the Architects Registration Board before becoming a defence solicitor.

This experience means he knows the tactics employed by the ARB. He also understands what it takes for a defence case to succeed. We use this knowledge to your benefit.

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