Responding to the Initial Complaint CLC

If the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) investigates your professional conduct, you will be asked to explain your actions. Do not say anything until you have sought expert legal advice. Your response could determine whether or not disciplinary action is taken against you.

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CLC complaints

If the CLC receives a complaint about a member, it will perform an initial inquiry to establish the details. Notably, the CLC wants to check whether the complaint is conduct-related. The CLC does not deal with general complaints. Disciplinary action is only pursued if a member has breached the Code of Conduct or other regulatory requirements.

CLC investigations

If there is any indication that you have breached the Code of Conduct, a formal investigation is carried out. The CLC wants to gather information to get a better understanding of what went wrong, and why. To aid their investigation, you will be asked to explain your actions.

There are two ways of responding to the initial complaint. You may be asked to submit a written report. Or, you will be asked to attend the CLC’s offices for a meeting. Either way, it is vital that you provide a compelling response which absolves you of blame. The aim is to highlight how you met the necessary requirements, and to provide evidence in support of your case.

If the CLC finds your response satisfactory, disciplinary proceedings will not be initiated. The case against you may be dropped, or you may be given some support and guidance. However, if the CLC is not convinced by your response, the matter will be referred to the Adjudication Panel. According to the CLC, this course of action is only taken if –

  • The case against you is likely to be proved, or
  • It is in the public interest or the interest of consumers


What should you do?

Contact us as soon as you become aware of the complaint against you. We represent licensed conveyancers and CLC regulated firms. We will assess the situation and decide on the best strategy in your particular case.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we have a thorough knowledge of the CLC’s Code of Conduct and regulatory requirements. We know how to build a defence case and will submit a response on your behalf, showing how you complied with the standards expected of you.

While you may have a legal background, we strongly recommend asking for our professional input. It is unlikely that you have ever faced regulatory action before, whereas we have helped many professionals in a similar position to yours. Having your case referred to the Adjudication Panel can be a stressful experience and is best avoided if possible. By letting us respond to the initial complaint, you increase the chances of bringing the issue to a swift close.

Contact us now

If the CLC has asked you to respond to an initial complaint, please contact us now for immediate legal advice.

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