“Jonathan resolved an issue for me that I feared would derail my legal training, and I couldn’t be more grateful for his invaluable insight, excellent legal advice and clear, prompt communication. Throughout the process, Jonathan was incredibly reassuring, guiding me with confidence and expertise. I honestly can’t recommend Jonathan highly enough. If you’re ever in need of legal assistance that truly makes a difference, then Jonathan is the one you want.”

Legal Professional

“I first made contact with Jonathan after receiving an email from my regulator stating I had behaved inappropriately or sexually towards another. The process lasted nearly 16 months. Throughout this period, Jonathan worked tirelessly to secure me the right result. Unfortunately, the case escalated to the SDT. I instructed Jonathan to take charge of the two day hearing as I was sure he was the right person.

His advocacy was quite simply outstanding. He was factual, professional, persuasive and to the point. I have never witnessed such advanced advocacy in my career. He was also very understanding and flexible at all times during the process. We were able to win the case against all odds. I will forever be grateful to Jonathan for his help and guidance in really putting his all in and going above and beyond. In summary, Jonathan was pivotal in driving me out of a dark place and really getting my life back on track.

I would recommend Jonathan at all costs.”


“I was lost, extremely stressed and distraught when I received a complaint letter from the ICAEW. I sought confidential counselling with CABA and the prospect of seeking legal help was raised, which led me to Jonathan’s practice. After putting in a request for service, he was very prompt in contacting me to listen to my concerns, my desired outcome and he talked through his experience and how he could assist me.

I sent the letter to Jonathan, together with the evidence bundle that the ICAEW shared. We agreed that he will produce a response letter to the ICAEW. He provided a first draft that was of extremely high standard, citing all relevant case law and ICAEW regulations to defend my position.

The ICAEW eventually responded to the letter and informed us that after considering the matter together with our response, they concluded that there was insufficient evidence and had therefore closed the file. Jonathan was very professional and supportive throughout the process.”

Chartered Accountant

“Jon is an exceptionally talented advocate . I instructed him to defend me against extremely challenging allegations before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, he skilfully navigated through a minefield of evidence and with diligent and forceful advocacy succeeded in making the SRA fully withdraw their allegations.”


“I made contact with Jonathan soon after receiving my letter from the ICAEW. A previous employer had levelled some serious accusations against me and I feared for the future of the business I had spent years building. After searching online I found Jonathan’s website and trawled through the testimonials.

I decided that the potential ramifications were so severe that I needed legal assistance. In hindsight it was the best decision I have ever made. From the first conversation with Jonathan I felt like I was in safe hands. It was immediately apparent how well informed he was on the process I was involved in and how the ICAEW would approach it.

We collaborated to produce a first response. Jonathan’s input reinforced the factual information I had provided. The knowledge of the rules/precedents that he included added an extra dimension to the letter which I could not have achieved myself.

When ICAEW eventually responded to our letter they informed me that after considering the response they believed no further action was required and the file was closed. This outcome exceeded my wildest expectations.

I struggle to put into words how grateful I am for Jonathan’s assistance. Throughout the process I always felt like he understood how much a successful outcome meant to me and my business as well as bringing a calmness to the proceedings that was invaluable.

The feeling of relief when hearing the news was overwhelming. I have spent the last 5-6 months frozen, only able to look backwards. Thanks to Jonathan I can now finally move forward again and I cannot describe how liberating that is.

Please contact him if you require assistance, in my experience you will not regret it.”

Chartered Accountant

“Facing action from a regulator, in my case the SRA, is a very scary and lonely situation to be in. The best thing I did was call Jon. My only regret was that I didn’t do so sooner.

Jon’s advice was clear and honest throughout. He has an incredible understanding of the whole process. His written representations were extremely thorough and very impressive.

I felt reassured to have him acting for me. He understood my position. I was so impressed with his advocacy and negotiating skills, in achieving, what was for me, an excellent outcome.

Facing a regulator is not something you want to do alone, and Jon is exactly the person you want in your corner.”


“Having had the chance to read the SRA’s decision in full, to say that I am relieved is an understatement! The investigation had been ongoing for a considerable amount of time and knowing I had done nothing wrong and reading the caseworkers recommendation initially, was difficult.

I was initially hesitant in instructing Jon, as I believed I could draft my own representations. However, after contacting Jon and reading his throughly drafted representations, I was extremely pleased at both Jon’s assured and direct way of communicating, in what was a very distressing time, and how clear and to the point the representations were. Highlighting the key areas of issues/disputes and putting my case across very comprehensively.

I also appreciate the way in which Jon timely dealt with my case as I did contact him at the very last minute. However, at no stage did Jon let this affect my case detrimentally!

If any professional is in a similar situation, I fully recommend contacting Jon! Thank you again for all your help with this, it has been much appreciated.”


“Following a complaint raised by my former employer with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, I contacted Jonathan. We had a preliminary call and I was impressed by his knowledge and experience of dealing with the SRA. He clearly explained the process of dealing with such complaints and had a pragmatic approach to what I should expect. We worked closely together and prepared a detailed response to SRA’s investigation letter. The response prepared by Jonathan demonstrated his legal knowledge in this area particularly detailing case law which was helpful in defending my position. After 6 months of back and forth, the matter was finally closed by the SRA without any further action. I would highly recommend Jonathan. The service was excellent as Jonathan was prompt and responsive. It was reassuring having him on my side.”


“Anyone who has been the subject of disciplinary action by a regulator, and in my case the Solicitors Regulation Authority, will know that the impact extends way beyond your working life. It significantly impacts your personal and family life, affecting your mental wellbeing in the process.

Who you chose to advise and represent you is one of the most important decisions you can make.

In my case, after initially representing myself, I realised that this is not an area of law where a practitioner should go it alone, I therefore sought advice from a barrister and solicitor who I understood to be very experienced in this area. Not only was I advised incorrectly, as it subsequently transpired, but they also seemed to have very little regard for the impact the investigation was having on me.

Something did not feel right and after yet another period of despair, I came across Jonathan’s details online. It is no exaggeration to say that telephoning Jonathan was the best decision I made. When I called, I was immediately put through to Jonathan’s assistant who informed me that Jonathan was engaged in a tribunal hearing and would come back to me as soon as possible. Jonathan returned my call during a short adjournment, and from that moment on, I knew I’d found the right person. Jonathan came back to me as quickly as possible because he cares and fully appreciates the impact regulatory investigations can have. It was the first time in a long time that I felt a weight lift from my shoulders.

Within the space of a week, after providing Jonathan with everything he needed, Jonathan discussed the case in detail with me, providing clear and detailed advice on my case and the disciplinary process. He put me at ease and his expertise was, simply put, outstanding. The advice he gave on the likely outcome of my case, was spot on. Jonathan is so much more than what I consider to be an unrivalled expert in his field, he is a person who genuinely cares for his clients. Jonathan “had my back” and at the same time as showing compassion and understanding on a personal level, he remained determined and committed to achieving the best possible outcome in my case. Jonathan did exactly that.

In summary, I cannot recommend Jonathan Goodwin highly enough. It is no exaggeration to say that he was instrumental in getting me through one of the worst experiences of my life”


“A first-class service. Guided me through what was involved in terms of the process, and wrote a superb and comprehensive set of submissions on my behalf. Very happy with the service received and highly recommend.”


“Jonathan was absolutely brilliant in his work on my SRA investigation claim. His detailed advice and strong and calm presence in the meeting with the SRA, achieved a positive result in my case and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Many thanks.”

Legal Professional 

“When I first received notification from the SRA regarding an investigation into my conduct, I naively thought I would be able to deal with it myself. I did the initial responses believing so long as I was honest and transparent the SRA would have a positive response. This was not the case.

The investigation was lengthy and further questions were asked and at each juncture the SRA escalated the matter before I received a notice that the matter would be referred to the SDT. The level of stress of was unbelievable and I was now at risk of losing my professional qualification.

In my research for help I can across Jonathan’s website and the reviews were positive. From the beginning Jonathan was amazing. He explained the process and highlighted why matters had escalated and the importance of having his support from day 1. Most importantly he explained what steps could be taken to minimise the outcome of the investigation.

The arguments he raised and the drafting of legal principles for regulatory matters were alien to me and I should have sought his advice much sooner. The pressure and stress of being investigated also felt less as he was there to explain and to listen which was very reassuring.

Nearly 2 years later the matter was resolved by way of an RSA and was the best outcome I could have hoped for. Before Jonathan’s input I was looking at being struck off and had it not been for his help that is probably where I would have ended.

If you are ever unfortunate to be in a position where the SRA are investigating you, then I would highly recommend getting in contact with Jonathan as soon as possible.”


“When I contacted Jon I felt my world had come to an end. To my horror, I found myself in a situation where I believed I had not fully complied with SRA rules and regulations over a significant period. I was devastated to find myself in such a position in respect of my regulator. I could not see a way forward and simply wanted the matter resolved as quickly as possible. I was willing to cease practice and agree that my name be removed from the register to achieve this. I contacted Jon, who listened, assimilated the facts and identified the key issues, including whether I had in fact breached any relevant rules. At the end of the conversation I was reassured that Jon was absolutely the right person to represent me. It was that clear that he had a wealth of experience in dealing with regulatory matters and I had every confidence that he would research and present my case as effectively as possible. This proved to be the case and, following Jon’s written representations to the SRA, they agreed that I had not breached any relevant rules or regulations and closed my case with no further action. My relief on hearing this was immeasurable. Having thought my career and reputation was at an end, I was exonerated and my reputation was intact. Jon’s professionalism, his clarity about the next steps and his empathy and understanding of my position helped me through a very difficult period. His representations to the SRA were exemplary and I am immensely grateful to him for securing such an excellent outcome.“


Unfortunate circumstances had brought me back in the lime light of another SRA investigation. I didn’t hesitate in contacting Jonathan Goodwin who had already previously pulled me out from a possible SRA sanction of what was considered a serious misdemeanour. This time round, the matter was even more grave but I recalled Jonathan’s fantastic drafting skills and his ability to convey my defence in a coherent manner backed up by relevant case law to prove my innocence. Needless to say Jonathan did not disappoint on this occasion either. His magical drafting skills worked wonders again and it only took the SRA one week to clear me of any wrong doing and closed my case. No matter how big or small your problem, Jonathan will put you at ease from the get go. His wealth of experience in dealing with the SRA is invaluable and I cannot recommend Jonathan enough. “


“I have recently been the subject of investigation by the SRA, through no fault of my own, a claim against my honesty and integrity. My fears were understood by Jonathan and he was able to explain the process to me fully. He was able to digest the reasons for the SRA to investigate but also explained why they did not have a strong case. He was able to give his fair and honest opinion of the investigation with the facts before him. He spoke to me in layman’s terms and in a manner that I could understand and digest. He didn’t say things to just make me feel better for the sake of obtaining my instructions or to give me false hope. He was honest and to the point which I appreciated very much and it put me and my family at ease. His initial response to the SRA was something that showed why you need to have someone who is niche specialist in this area working on your behalf. He achieved the result that I prayed for and for which I will be eternally grateful. This was all without the matter even getting to the stage of proceedings being issued and a hearing being undertaken. He was able to liaise with the SRA’s solicitors once the decision was issued to proceed to a hearing and plead his thoughts on the matter. My integrity has been reinstated and my faith restored. I could not have done this without him and I thank him very much, so if you find that you are in a similar situation and you don’t know which way or who to turn to, I would suggest that you speak with Jonathan who will undoubtedly be able to make your situation better than it currently is and assist in the most professional way possible. I was referred to Jonathan by a known associate whose firm was under investigation and Jonathan helped them through the same.”


“Following receiving an inaccurate claim of dishonesty and failure to act with integrity against me, I appointed Mr Jonathan Goodwin to fight my case.

Once explained, Jon fully understood the background to the allegations and provided a clear and robust response, which resulted in the case against me closed with no further action taken.

I’m fully appreciative to Jon in fighting my case, saving my reputation and career.

I can fully recommend Jon to provide the best service”.

Chartered Surveyor

“We are very happy to provide a testimonial in respect of Jonathan’s advice, support, and guidance in an SRA Forensic Investigation.

Jon knows this area inside out and we moved to Jon after initially instructing a well-known London firm. This was an excellent decision and Jon helped us achieve a very good outcome in a very difficult situation. Jon’s personal command of his cases sets him apart from other firms in this area”.


“I had rather hoped I would never have to contact you ever again , but a minor matter arose and I needed to . You responded almost immediately and provided some much needed assistance. As the SRA seem so keen to bash solicitors for the smallest of transgressions, I fear more and more will find themselves being investigated. Any who do will not find a better representative than you.

Once again my grateful thanks for your help.”

Retired Solicitor

“I received a letter from the SRA, criticising reports I had made to the SRA together with challenging the quality of the work undertaken.

The letter concluded that “In view of the circumstances of the present case, the SRA will consider whether notice of disqualification should be given to you in respect of the Reports which you signed”.

After considering the seriousness of the matter I consulted with and engaged Jon to assist in dealing with my “defence”. Jon immediately grasped the implications and after preparing for him a narrative background, providing further clarification he was able to prepare a suitable response for my consideration. Approved, the response was submitted and within 5 days the SRA advised “In view of the circumstances, I will not be making a referral for a decision to be made in accordance with Rule 12.6(b) of the SRA Accounts Rules 2019. I can confirm that this matter is now closed.”

My sincere thanks to Jon, and relief at the outcome.”


“After 13 stressful months of dealing with the SRA myself in respect of a complaint made by a former client, I finally decided to instruct Jonathan to represent me & it was the best decision I have ever made.

Jonathan is the kindest, most knowledgeable & professional regulatory lawyer there is.

When I first contacted Jonathan, I was devastated and thought my career was over. However, he reassured me straight away, and provided me with invaluable support and guidance.

He produced submissions on my behalf which were clear, persuasive, and eloquent, and within two months – the SRA finally decided to close my file and take no further action against me!

I cannot thank Jonathan enough for saving my career and ending an extremely stressful period of my life.

He is an outstanding and brilliant lawyer, who is always there for you when you need him, and I cannot recommend him enough!”

Trainee Solicitor

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