"If you are faced with regulatory action by the SRA, then Jonathan Goodwin is the right person to approach. He has extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations and his support and guidance was invaluable during a stressful ordeal. He is extremely efficient and meticulous in his work and capable of producing excellent results which is evident from the outcome reached in the Adjudicator deciding not to impose any conditions on my practicing certificate. I would highly recommend Jonathan to anybody who is facing regulatory action."



"Receiving papers from the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal is a distressing time for any solicitor; however, Jon's calm manner in dealing with their application against me by preparing the necessary paperwork in response and liaising with the SRA's solicitors on my behalf gave me the reassurance I needed in order to deal with the resulting pressures. Jon is a specialist in his field and I am extremely grateful to him for his advice and support throughout."



"I have to start by saying that Jon Goodwin as a person and as a professional is simply the very best you will ever have the pleasure of encountering. As a professional he is absolutely incredible: proficient to the core, exceptionally talented, astute beyond belief and so detailed, you will believe that he has lived your case with you. I have never seen such careful consideration of the facts, such attention to detail and such in-depth knowledge of the law that applies to a case, nor have I ever had the pleasure of experiencing someone with such breadth and depth in knowledge and understanding of their speciality. Jon was always on point: there was nothing he missed and he knew every fact and every rule that applied to it. Jon’s written and oral advocacy on my behalf were breathtaking and so powerful that I can only describe him as nothing short of a miracle and worth his weight in gold. At the time I met Jon, I was facing a crippling dishonesty allegation that had come out of the blue after being under investigation already for over 2 years by the SRA and facing a potential strike off. I was terrified, anxiety filled constantly and unable to think or focus on anything. Jon literally saved my life. He managed with his unparalleled experience and knowledge to properly evidence that the dishonesty allegation was unsubstantiated and had it dropped. He then managed to have my case settled by way of an Agreed Outcome which he tirelessly negotiated on my behalf to get the best outcome possible, even when I thought it would be impossible to do so. Jon was not only exceptional as an advocate and solicitor but he was kind, caring and understanding. He actually treated me like a human being and I never felt like he marginalised any of my concerns. He was always available, always happy to explain things thoroughly and always there to ease the burden. I would recommend to anyone facing a regulatory issue to go straight to Jon and don’t bother looking anywhere else: there is no one better, stronger or smarter to succeed on your behalf than him. Thank you Jon - I will forever be grateful for your amazing hand in giving me back my life."



"I was recommended to Jonathan by a former SRA forensic investigator who had worked with him in dealing with investigations and prosecutions on behalf of the SRA.

Jonathan now only acts for individuals and firms under investigation by the SRA.

When I spoke to Jonathan to outline the difficulty that we had, I was immediately impressed by his knowledge and background.

The SRA were seeking from as an explanation of conduct in a particular matter. We had prepared our own response to the points raised, but it was evident from Jonathan’s draft response once we had instructed him just how important it was to rely on his experience.

His intimate working knowledge of the SRA and it’s overarching principles and ethos meant he could quote case law and rules and regulations in a way that we had no experience of, and his vastly improved and extended response led to the SRA immediately confirming they would be taking no further action.

I would not hesitate to unreservedly recommend Jonathan to anyone having difficulties with the SRA."


"I never give reviews, but occasionally in life something or someone is so brilliant that a review is warranted and this is one such occasion.

Anyone reading this is no doubt facing a disciplinary action by the SRA or other professional body. I was facing a charge of dishonesty amongst other allegations and the stress over the two and a half years was immeasurable, it subsumed my life. Another solicitor recommended Jon and I engaged his services. It was the best thing I ever did. From the very first 'phone call I knew that I had made the right decision. Jon was calm and measured. His knowledge of regulatory law is frankly outstanding. When dealing with my case I felt that I was his only client. He was honest, personable, down to earth and always on hand to guide me through the process, so I never felt alone.

My matter was referred to the SDT for a 3 day hearing and at that stage I just wanted to give up, but Jon's wise counsel stopped me from doing so and I am so glad I followed his advice.

Jon's advocacy is awesome. He completely demolished the SRA investigator under cross examination. I have honestly never seen anything like it. At that point I was so glad he was acting for me and not the SRA! The investigator even apologised to me twice during his evidence.

The SRA's allegations were not proved and I walked away with my life back. I cannot recommend Jon highly enough. So if you are reading this and you are facing such actions then please do not hesitate and engage Jon, you will not regret it."


"Dear Jon,

I would like to start by saying again how very grateful I am for you and your incredible work. Your diligence, depth of knowledge, exceptional expertise, years of experience and the quality of your drafting and negotiating skills are in my view (and my experience) nothing short of phenomenal.

Thank you so very much for being so dedicated, for taking so much time and attention to understand my position, the details of the case, what I want to achieve and for giving me so much time to explain things thoroughly. I truly say this: you are an absolute credit and role model for how solicitors should be with their clients and cases.

I can only say that I am absolutely overjoyed and will be forever grateful."


"Jon Goodwin recently represented me before the SDT when allegations against me were dismissed following his submission that there was no case to answer.He conducted himself with aplomb, is clear thinking, industrious and has a profound knowledge of the relevant law in which he practises.I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to any professional who has the misfortune to have to appear before a disciplinary tribunal"


“It is very scary to receive a letter from the SRA, and it is hard to know where to turn. I made phone calls to a number of solicitors to represent me in this matter – some took several days to return my call, but Jon Goodwin called me back himself personally on the same day. His PA followed this up promptly and Jon gave me advice and reassurance very soon afterwards. This prompt service meant a lot to me at a very difficult time. I was delighted and extremely relieved that with Jon’s assistance the outcome was that the SRA decided to take no further action against me. I would certainly recommend Jon and his team to other solicitors facing SRA investigations.”


“The first lawyer I spoke to, a specialist in SRA investigations, informed me that I was ‘almost certainly going to be struck off’. I had started to look for alternative careers. Fortunately, someone recommended me to Jon, and he demonstrated incredible know-how of the law and practice, but moreover was passionate and approachable. I was looking at a contested trial with all the associated costs and stress but Jon managed to clear my name via detailed written representations. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”


"We have engaged Jonathan’s services on two occasions, the first in April 2018 when we were served notice of investigation by the SRA.

This had not been anticipated and after more than 30 years practice as a solicitor was somewhat of a shock to be the subject of an investigation.

We quickly realised that we would need expert legal advice and assistance and Jonathan was found upon recommendation. He gave very good early advice prior to my having to attend a meeting with two SRA investigators which was then followed by a file inspection.

There then following a period of constant pressure from the emailing of questions from the SRA which resulted in our having to devote a large amount of management time and caused great stress to the partners of the business. Jonathan was of great assistance in this time and prepared an extensive letter of response to the SRA which showed his experience and expertise in the area of SRA investigations and brought the investigation to an end.

After 9 months (!), we were then served with the investigation report and an Explanation of Conduct Letter in March 2019 and immediately engaged Jonathan’s services again. He prepared a great letter of response which was sent to SRA on 26th April and the following day(!), the SRA sent a letter confirming it was closing the file. This might very well be a record win!!

This was such a great result for Jonathan (and for this firm) and lifted the great pressure we were under of the SRA possibly taking the matter to Tribunal.

I cannot speak too highly for Jonathan’s ability and his empathy for the situation we encountered. He also has great insight into the SRA’s methods and thinking (having acted for them in an enforcement role for many years) which gives him an added “edge” over other Solicitor Advocates."

Partner, Law Firm

"I can only say a thousand times thank you, thank you, thank you Jon. Jonathan Goodwin is nothing short of incredible and in my view a life saver. In a time of deep distress worry and anxiety, facing false allegations of dishonesty, Jon Goodwin was calm, measured and most importantly responsive. Nothing was too small and too trivial to talk through and explain which gave me great comfort.

Thanks to Jon Goodwin’s incredible work and his exceptional knowledge of the SRA, the rules and the law, I was informed they would not be proceeding with dishonesty allegations that were absolutely awful. Jon Goodwin’s response to the allegations and his knowledge was so amazing and so powerful that it literally stopped them from going further on that matter. I am so grateful to have found Jon and I would say to anyone who is worryingly dealing with the stress of an SRA investigation to go to Jon Goodwin; if you want the best fighting chance of success, Jon Goodwin is the person to have in your corner."


"If you are faced with an sra investigation as I was it is a harrowing experience and lengthy process. You certainly need an expert to navigate on your behalf and advise. I found Jon Goodwin extremely professional, available when needed and sound in his advice and would happily recommend him. I was more than happy with the sra decision."


"Thank you for your support and patience throughout this very trying time following the SRA’s investigation.Your experience of SRA investigations was invaluable in negotiating a Regulatory Settlement Agreement and it is a great relief to put the whole process behind me ."


"When I had my difficulty with the SRA, Jonathan was fantastic with his approach, and whilst it was a very stressful time, he did his best to put my mind at rest and approached the situation sensibly with a plan of action that ultimately worked really well. He managed to set out the facts in such a methodical manner and coupled with his references to various judgements and commentaries, he convinced the SRA to make a u turn on their proposed restrictions over my certificate. It is such a relief to now have my full (and clear) practicing certificate again!"


"Dear Jon,

I am writing to thank you for all of the outstanding work you have done for me since last August. Everything from the supportive initial telephone conversation, through to the superb analysis of the issues and exceptional written submissions to SRA, your guidance has been invaluable. If anyone ever wonders “Do I really need a lawyer to help me deal with the SRA, as I’m a lawyer myself?” the answer is a resounding “Yes, you do.” And with even more conviction I would say “You need Jon Goodwin.”

I tend to be sceptical of praise which seems contrived and over the top, whether it be of restaurants, hotels or other services. However I can assure you that the praise set out above is anything other than contrived or over the top. You have without doubt saved my legal career, and the words to thank you cannot be fulsome enough."


“ I have recently been the subject of investigation by the SRA. At a time when my emotions were high and my thought process sometimes illogical, Jonathan allayed by fears. He spoke to me in layman’s terms and in a manner that I could understand and digest. He didn’t pontificate or give me false hope.  He was honest and to the point which I appreciated very much.  He achieved the result that I craved and I will be eternally grateful. My integrity has been reinstated and my faith restored. I could not have done this without him and I thank him very  much, so if you find that you are in a similar situation and you don’t know which way or who to turn to, I would suggest that you speak with Jonathan who will undoubtedly be able to make your situation better than it currently is”


"Dear Jonathan

I am writing to say how pleased I am with the outcome of my case.

As the saying goes, 'a lawyer who acts for himself has a fool for a client.'

The SRA brought serious charges against me and you took a lot of the worry from my shoulders at a difficult time. My case was resolved without a formal hearing. There is no way in which I could have achieved this result myself, and it is entirely due to your advice and expertise at all stages of my case that a huge weight has been lifted from me.

I am glad that I instructed you at an early stage, and thank you for the care and consideration you have given.

Sincerest thanks"


"A week after receiving the final decision of my case in a RICS disciplinary matter and the release of the anxiety of the last 18 months is starting to sink in.

Instructing Jon to act for me has preserved my career and was the best decision I could have possibly made.

From the off, Jon never failed to manage my expectations fairly and accurately. I appreciated his candid and frank manner as well as his expert ability to demystify every complex correspondence quickly and with the utmost professionalism. He identified the key issues with ease and his command of the process and ability to navigate me through it was an invaluable support. He did all of this with an approachability and a refreshing humanity.

In the final stages, his compelling summary of the key facts to the Panel, expertly and professionally prepared and delivered with clinical accuracy, secured me the very best possible outcome and my family and I will forever be grateful to him personally for this.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jon to others - I simply couldn't have afforded not to have him on my side."


'Jon recently acted for me in a regulatory matter. I could waffle on for pages regarding how impressed I was with Jon but in the interests of concision I will attempt to condense it into three points:

(i) In a time of undoubted panic, he is a calming influence which in my view is invaluable. His approach is well-informed but, importantly, sympathetic;

(ii) he is able to grasp the relevant issues with frightening efficiency. The matter he dealt with for me was peculiar to the area in which I practise but he was able to drill down to the nub of the issue with such efficacy that one could be forgiven for concluding that he was a seasoned practitioner in that area;

(iii) his drafting skills are exemplary. In my case, he prepared a persuasive and thoroughly well-drafted document which resulted in a no further action outcome.

I would unhesitatingly advise anybody who is in the unenviable position of facing regulatory action to utilise Jon’s services’.




"I am currently practicing as a solicitor running a small law firm. I was subject to a SRA Investigation which commenced over a year ago.  My entire life was turned upside down.  Every aspect of my life and practising career came into question.  This has by far being the most difficult time in my life. Having Jon in my corner guiding me and dealing with my case was one of the best investments I have ever made. 

I contacted Jon following recommendations by three other solicitors who had come across him. Two of whom he had prosecuted in the SDT on behalf of the SRA. It is a testament to his skills and expertise if solicitors he has prosecuted can in the future recommend him to others. 

Jon is knowledgeable in regulatory matters. He has a wealth of experience of prosecuting solicitors and defending solicitors.  This experience gives Jon confidence which I am sure will be reflected in his advocacy.

Jon not only gives good, sound legal advice but his advice is also practical. Jon appreciates the effect the Investigation and consequences of the SRA involvement are likely to have on the individual solicitor’s daily practice and the effect on the solicitor’s personal life and family.  He acts with integrity, professionalism in all his dealings.  I am grateful to Jon and his team for the support provided, I doubt I would have received the same outcome if I did not have Jon in my corner.

Jon is supported by two extremely good members of staff as back up. His office is efficient and well managed. Jon has good systems in place to ensure his work is always performed to an excellent standard and in a timely manner. Jon prepares well which is apparent when was able to recite facts in my case which even I had forgotten about.  I would recommend Jon to anyone in need of assistance."



"Dear Jonathan,

I am writing this immediately after my trial at the SDT.  You have saved my career. I am in tears - I could have lost everything, but you have saved my career today as a Solicitor and I have my life back. I just cannot thank you enough.

All I can say - it was the best decision I ever made instructing you eighteen months ago and I am so very glad I did.

Any solicitor going through an SRA investigation and if they face going to the SDT would be completely misguided in not seeking representation.

You discovered flaws in their case and many inaccuracies. You were able to challenge the SRA on these points because of your vast amount of knowledge. Had  I not instructed you the incorrect law would have been applied to my matter and the outcome would have been detrimental to me.

If anyone wants to give themselves any chance  then they should get representation as soon as they can. I cannot emphasise this enough.

No solicitor wants to be before the SDT, but you fought for me all the way to the end, you knew my case inside out.

Your knowledge, intelligence and professional skill in dealing with such sensitive matters, which carry with them the most serious and potentially life-altering consequences is truly remarkable.

I witnessed first hand your in depth knowledge of regulatory law and case law that you cited which would prove relevant. Most importantly your advocacy. I have never witnessed  anything like it but your cross examination, your submissions and the challenges you put to the SRA over this two day hearing I can only describe as phenomenal.

I have been through the darkest and most traumatic 18 months of my life and I can honestly say that your professional support and guidance throughout has been nothing short of outstanding.

You were clear from the outset in terms of managing expectations, timescales, negotiations that never came to fruition and at all times gave me straight and frank advice, in such a way that offered me much needed reassurance at the very lowest of points.

Your tremendous efforts have ensured that the correct law was applied and I received a just and fair outcome. And for that, me and my family are truly and eternally grateful.

Thank you Jonathan"


"I instructed Jonathan when faced with an investigation, and one which included an allegation of dishonesty. This could have had incredibly serious professional consequences. The dishonesty allegation in particular was a cause of considerable upset and distress, on both a professional and personal level.

Jonathan was, from the outset, a reassuring presence; calm, professional, and the voice of reason. His management of expectations was excellent.

After many months’ anxiousness, Jonathan responded in the matter on my behalf. I very soon thereafter received a phone call from Jonathan to let me know the matter was closed, and with no further action being taken.

I have no doubt whatsoever that Jonathan’s skilled correspondence, which conveyed my response with clarity, persuasiveness, and to the point, was the key to resolving this issue.

The reality of closure has, perhaps, not yet quite sunk in. I am though sure that instructing Jonathan was the best decision I could have made."


"Dear Jon,

As you are no doubt aware, the SRA has notified us that they will not be proceeding with the complaint made against me. They have now closed the file. I want to thank you for the professional manner with which you have represented me in this matter. There is no doubt that your expertise shone right through the entire matter which no doubt resulted in the current outcome."


‘If you’ve got a problem with the SRA, Jonathan is the person you need on your side. He helps keep you calm, focussed and he deals with the scenario in an efficient and professional manner. He has years of experience with matters involving the SRA and I would highly recommend him to represent you in putting your side of the story to them and help fight your corner at a time when that is just what you need.’


"A massive thank you for all your help and guidance through one of the most stressful times of my life!

I am so glad that we contacted you from the very outset and followed your advice, especially when we had never been involved with the SRA before.

You empathised and listened to us and was honest and frank at the same time.  I was so impressed with the way you responded to the SRA.

You remained professional and friendly throughout.

Thank you thank you thank you!!"





“We can't thank enough for Jonathan's assistance in dealing with a regulatory investigation that could have teared our firm apart. With his involvement, most part of the investigation was unsubstantiated and we can now look at the future more optimistic. We would highly recommend Jonathan and his firm as he is highly experienced, easy to work with and most importantly understand you and have a personal touch in the service”.


“Now Ive stopped crying with relief - the words THANK YOU x 1 million - are not enough, for making them see sense”.


“Having been a solicitor for 30 years, I had the sense to instruct a specialist to deal with a regulatory issue for me. Jon Goodwin’s advice was accurate and clear on both the law and the practicalities involved. He calmly managed expectations and was a steady influence at a fraught time. The happy outcome owed much to his contribution.”

I instructed Jonathan Goodwin after I was accused by the SRA of the most serious allegations of dishonesty, amongst other breaches of the Solicitors Codes of Conduct.

After 20 years of unblemished practice,
I found myself fighting for my professional life in a regulatory quagmire.

After taking my full instructions in what was a complex matter, Jonathan responded to the SRA with a detailed 28 page letter and paginated bundle of 70 pages of exhibits that captured the essence of my version of events. His response not only articulated my position but also brought to the attention of the SRA salient facts that I had simply not considered myself.

I was convinced that the matter was destined for the SDT which would have meant prolonged trauma for myself and my family together with the inevitable associated costs of an SRA prosecution.

Jonathan held my hand throughout the agonising ordeal and was always available for me at the end of the phone or by email.

Today, Jonathan called me to tell me that the 11 month investigation by the SRA was finally over.

The SRA had considered Jonathan’s thorough response and had decided to close their file with no further action whatsoever.

It is difficult to commit to words the feelings and emotion that Jonathan’s phone call brought to me this morning. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this day would come. I can only put it down to Jonathan’s skill, experience and knowledge of regulatory matters.

Whilst todays result has still not entirely sunk in (I feel emotionally and mentally drained) I will be eternally grateful to Jonathan for winning my case and for securing justice for me and my family.

Instructing Jonathan was the best decision I have made. I now have my life back and can only look forward to the future with positivity.

Thank you Jonathan.

Thank you so much for making things as painless as possible for me! And also for achieving miraculous results!


“Thank you very much for you assistance.

Impressed would be an understatement to your handling of this case. Your advocacy was at the highest level I have seen. Your professional approach and preparation was thorough to the point that the other side could only agree with every point you had to make. The outcome could not have been achieved without you.

I have no hesitation in fully recommending you in matters of this kind and I thank you for being there for me”.


Jon has been most helpful, sympathetic and approachable, and he has made an extremely stressful situation as easy as possible.


I was very happy with the service I received from Jon Goodwin. Jon agreed to take my case when my previous solicitor refused to take my matter further after making my case worst. Jon not only saved my career but also cleared up all the mess of my previous solicitor with just one letter. I was extremely happy with the successful outcome! I would not hesitate in recommending JG Law’s services and I would to thank Jon for all his hard work and assistance in my case.


I am a Director of a small high street firm that has been established for over 20 years and I have had no prior involvement with the SRA. Unfortunately owing to the conduct of a staff member I was put in a situation where my whole reputation and career was in jeopardy. This took its toll on me and my family both professionally and personally. I was dealing with matters myself but took a decision to seek advice and found Jonathan’s name by chance on line. It was the best decision I made for me my family and my business. From the outset he immediately put me at ease without overwhelming me. His knowledge and experience in dealing with the SRA was apparent from the outset. He was able to not only convey what was required but given the emotional strain I was under, he was able to guide me logically as to what to expect, the timescales and therefore what was expected of me to ensure that I received the best possible outcome.

I would like to say that his expertise aside, the manner in which he dealt with my matter and the patience he showed is something which will always be appreciated. Of course Jonathon is a busy lawyer but he was always available not only for the numerous queries I always had but also when I needed to vent my frustration at the system that seems to assume a solicitors guilt before am investigation is complete. His pragmatic yet sensitive approach in his advice clearly showed his expertise and he recognised the profound impact all the proceedings were having on me both professionally and personally. The entire process was stressful to say the least but his insight into how others would think and act helped me remain positive. When I instructed him, I had hoped that he would be able to understand my case in its entirety but what I received in terms of his professionalism, knowledge, work ethic and total support, far exceeded my expectations. He showed great kindness, empathy, understanding and impartiality for which I will always be grateful for. The outcome I received was much more favourable than I could have hoped for; without a referral to the STD – but it was a long and draining 16 months. I would like to take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt thanks and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jonathon should someone be in the unfortunate position that I found myself in.

Lawyer based in London

Following an investigation into a breach of audit regulations I was facing a disciplinary hearing by my regulatory body, The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

At that point I approached Jon for his advice. From the outset I knew I had made the right decision to appoint him. Not only was he very knowledgeable of disciplinary proceedings, he was also supportive during an extremely stressful time.

Throughout the hearing Jon’s skills as an experienced advocate shone through and the outcome he achieved for me was nothing short of miraculous!

It is fair to say that without Jon’s expert representation I would have found myself excluded from membership of the ICAEW and I cannot thank him enough for saving my career.

Chartered Accountant

"I write to express my sincere heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your highly professional and competent services, provided in both a friendly and accessible manner. You were thorough, fair and transparent in fighting my case for which I will always be grateful.

The process was greatly helped by your insightful and accurate expertise, including your insight into how other parties may think and act. I cannot thank you enough for your expertise and professionalism which ensured I had a fighting chance.

I would in particular like to thank you for your excellent work, professionalism, kindness and understanding. At a time when things were very stressful and anxious, I always felt that however busy you were, I was always lent a sympathetic ear which was very much appreciated. I hoped for total support when I instructed you, but I got so much more.

I have no reservation in highly recommending you and record my heartfelt thanks for your excellent work on my behalf. Many many thanks again for everything, you were brilliant."

Anonymous fellow professional

"Receiving a letter from your regulatory body is always daunting and trying to correspond on your own, seemingly making matters worse, is never a good idea. I wish I had contacted Jonathan at the beginning, as the moment he became involved, he gave me sound comforting advice, responded comprehensively to the regulatory body and dealt with the matter in a timely and professional way, resulting in a very welcomed outcome, with minimal fuss and disruption. Would I recommend Jonathan and his service? – absolutely.

I hope I do not need his advice again, but if I did, there would be no hesitation in picking up the phone and speaking with Jonathan."

Graduate of CILEx

“Jonathan is a standout solicitor advocate in the professional regulatory arena. His knowledge of professional rules and regulations is outstanding; his ability to grasp the issues at stake lightning fast and his advocacy skills and presentation very comforting.

If you want someone to fight your corner, then Jonathan’s your man.

Would I recommend him - absolutely. The fact that I have used Jonathan’s services on 3 occasions now is testament to my opinion of him.”


“Jon provided me with tremendous help and support at what was a very difficult time for me.  He is a first class advocate and I was very glad that he was there to represent me.”


“Fearsome advocate and someone you’d rather have on your side than theirs.”


“I cannot express enough appreciation for the highly professional representation you provided, to include your robust advocacy at the SDT and the empathy you showed throughout what was an extremely traumatic and stressful time in my life”.


"Following no success with my own efforts against an RICS disciplinary I enlisted the professional services of Jonathan.  Very quickly the tide turned and I could not be happier with the results.  It's hard to put a price on saving a career, but Jonathan did and it was a very fair one."


"I enlisted the professional services of Mr Goodwin to help with a disciplinary hearing I had at the RICS. All I can say is I am so glad I did. The outcome was even better then I hoped and I am in no doubt most of this was due to the expertise and professionalism of Mr Goodwin, both before and especially during the hearing. I am very grateful to Mr Goodwin for helping protect my career."

Chartered Surveyor

“Jon provided me with first class advice at a difficult time, and was able to guide me through the process of replying to disciplinary concerns with professionalism and the human touch. I am very grateful to his help and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending his legal services to other professionals facing similar regulatory investigation. Emails and phone calls were replied to swiftly and his calm efficiency was most welcome.”


"Dear Jon,

I am thankful for the assistance provided by Jonathan Goodwin, who provided excellent assistance and a great outcome. Mr Goodwin offered great support throughout and took the pressure off which allowed me to continue to focus on work. Thank you."


“Jon was absolutely fantastic in assisting me in a very difficult time of my life. His legal expertise was second to none. He had a sympathetic and thoughtful approach to my problems. As a consequence of his effective advice my issue was nipped in the bud saving me time and expense. Thank you so much Jon.”


“Once again could I just say thank you so much for what you are doing and I have no doubt I have the best legal representative anybody could have. You are making the whole process almost enjoyable!!”


"Thank you very much for your help on this. Your calm good sense was very reassuring during a very stressful time and I feel that your experience and knowledge was directly responsible for the positive outcome."


“Dear Jonathan,
Thank you for all your advice, help and assistance in this matter. This was a very difficult time for me and it greatly assisted having you available whenever I needed to speak to you about the case. Speaking to you provided me with peace of mind and helped me to get through all of this. Your honest and frank advice was very helpful and your representation on the day of the Hearing was very good. You knew my case well enough to answer the questions that were put to you. I will most certainly be recommending you to other people in the future.

Wishing you all the best for the future and once again, thank you so much for your help and assistance. May God bless you with health, wealth and success.”


"I sought the help of Jonathan when faced with an investigation due to a strict liability issue on a case I had never worked upon, for a firm I no longer worked for. In effect I could have faced a serious mark against my name simply as the result of having been a junior Partner. I had tried to start my response myself and despite doing the best I could with the information to hand I needed assistance and guidance in order to avoid having my name permanently sullied. Immediately upon speaking to Jonathan I knew I was in great hands. He answered and explained throughout and I always felt reassured, responding on by behalf with strong clear arguments. He was realistic and practical at all times. The end result was that my name and reputation remains completely free of any blemish, the best result I could have asked for. I am certain that the result would not have been as positive as I had hoped without Jonathan’s knowledge and expertise."

A very grateful Solicitor

"I recently had occassion to approach Jon regarding a regulatory issue I had with the SRA. Jon from the very first meeting put my mind at rest and I immediately felt in good hands and had every confidence in him. It was obvious that Jon had a considerable wealth of experience,up to date knowledge of the law and practice relating to regulatory matters,technical expertise and knew exactly how to deal with any issues or points raised by the SRA. His handling of the matter, expertise and professionalism was second to none.

I was able to speak with Jon whenever I needed to and he was always very quick to respond.In this regard he was ably backed up by his superb staff who always made sure that my efforts to contact with him were immediately dealt with if it was something they could not deal with themselves.

Jon through his expertise and professionalism was able to acheive an excellent outcome with the SRA and was more than I could have hoped for. I cannot thank him enough for what he did for me and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who has the misfortune to have regulatory issues. You cannot do better than to instruct Jon in this regard."

Chartered Legal Executive