“I can’t recommend Jonathan Goodwin highly enough for his exceptional legal representation during my recent Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority investigation. Initially facing accusations of incompetence and misconduct, I was extremely worried about the potential impact on my career and reputation.

His strategic approach, attention to detail and unwavering support throughout the process were truly invaluable. He is a skilled advocate who effectively communicated my side of the story and presented a strong defence against the allegations. Thanks to his efforts, the investigation was closed without any findings of wrongdoing on my part”.


“Having worked with Jon recently, I can say that from our initial discussion, he was professional, his knowledge was unrivalled, and the results achieved were exceptional. Jon is incredibly easy to speak to, he has a very approachable manner that helps put you at ease when you are dealing with difficult and stressful situations. Having worked with many legal professionals over the years, Jon is without doubt one that I would have no hesitation in recommending; he has unwavering commitment to his area of expertise and clients which place him as one of the leading specialists in this area. I really cannot recommend Jon highly enough.”


“I was facing some serious allegations of misconduct and had resigned myself to losing my professional qualification as a result. Jonathan looked at the facts of my case, and with a single response, somehow had the entire matter dismissed without any further investigation or disciplinary action. I still don’t know quite how he did it, but it rescued my career. If you are facing any kind of action or there is any risk that you might lose your letters, do not hesitate, don’t respond yourself, just speak to Jonathan and give yourself the best possible chance of a positive outcome. I cannot thank him enough.”


“I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional legal assistance you provided me in making a representation to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Your efforts were instrumental in achieving a successful outcome, leading to the closure of the case.

Throughout this process, I have been incredibly impressed with your professionalism, expertise, and dedication. Your outstanding knowledge of the law and the intricacies of SRA proceedings provided me with the confidence and reassurance I needed during a challenging time. Your ability to listen attentively and understand my concerns was truly remarkable, and it played a crucial role in building a strong case.

Your advice was always timely, clear, and highly practical, reflecting your profound understanding of the legal landscape. You consistently demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment to my case, ensuring that every aspect was meticulously handled. Your timely responses and the proactive way you managed all communications with the SRA were commendable.

I particularly appreciate the way you communicated complex legal concepts in an accessible manner, enabling me to make informed decisions throughout the process. Your support and guidance were invaluable, and I am deeply grateful for the positive resolution we achieved.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your outstanding service. I will not hesitate to recommend your expertise to anyone in need of a highly skilled and dedicated solicitor advocate. Your contributions have made a significant impact on my life, and I am profoundly thankful for your assistance.

Once again, thank you for everything you have done. I wish you continued success in your professional endeavours.”


“I just wanted to say an absolutely massive thank you for the way you have dealt with us from the first moment we were contacted by the SRA until they advised that they would not be carrying out an investigation. Your advice was invaluable and I feel certain that it was the detailed response you drafted on our behalf which resulted in the very quick confirmation from SRA that they would be closing their file.

The past few weeks have been incredibly stressful and your patient, calm approach and the fact that you were so easy to contact made the whole process much easier.

Many thanks on behalf of all of the partners.”


“Instructing Jonathan was the best thing I did in respect of my case. From a technical perspective, his other reviews speak for themselves – he lives and breathes these regulatory investigations and provides pragmatic advice with legal, technical, and procedural insights that only a lawyer with this much experience in the regulatory sector can provide. On a more personal level, anyone who has ever been the subject of an SRA investigation will know how it grinds you down mentally and physically. Jonathan took so much pressure and stress off of my shoulders and offered a judgement free service throughout the entire process. My advice to others under investigation is – you wouldn’t advise a client in an area you have no experience in, so don’t try and advise yourself when your career is on the line – hire a proper regulatory investigations lawyer such as Jonathan.”

Legal Clerk

“We contacted Jonathan Goodwin when we (the Firm and the Partners) received investigation letters from SRA containing multiple concerns such as, Conflict of Interests, Using client account as banking facility , Confidentiality, Failing to act in the best interests of client, Overcharging the client, Not dealing with the client concerns in time etc..

Jon’s approach to all these issues was fantastic. He successfully dealt and the SRA investigation closed – We would not have been able to deal with this, had we not instructed him.
On top of all this, his costs are very reasonable. We will highly recommend anybody in this situation to contact Jonathan Goodwin – We are very grateful to him.”


“An SRA investigation is a uniquely stressful event for a practising solicitor as the consequences can be life changing if things go wrong. Instructing you to respond to the SRA was the very best possible decision I could have made. Your support and clear expertise in these matters gave me great strength and courage to see the matter through. I cannot thank or praise you enough.”


“I am very grateful for your assistance during what I can only describe as a most difficult & stressful time. Your advice was refreshingly frank, fees transparent & you were on hand to answer my queries in good time. I am especially grateful to you for submitting a response so quickly and then coming back to me 3 days later with a successful outcome – truly life changing. Thank you.”


“ I was referred to Jonathan by a former colleague / friend who had faced similar false allegations made by an opponent Solicitor which whilst totally unfounded led to an investigation by the SRA.

Once instructed Jonathan offered me a service by which I could fix the fee for the initial work done and once we had agreed on this he discussed the case with me and the allegations and asked me to provide him with as much information as possible to enable him to prepare a draft response to the SRA on my behalf .

Whilst I could have responded myself it gave me comfort that Jonathan was dealing with it on my behalf which left me free to continue with my own work whilst he dealt with drafting the response .

He was polite in his response yet managed to convey the urgency of the matter to the SRA which in turn elicited a response that I personally was not under investigation but that they may need to request further information in the future as their investigation progressed .

Jonathan checked in with me regularly after this to see if I wanted him to contact the SRA to find out if the investigation was closed and eventually I said yes and could not be happier to wake up to an email stating that it has been closed .

I cannot describe the relief that this email brought and can honestly say that if you face similar allegations in the future that I would highly recommend Jonathan and his team to deal with it for you . They have been amazing, and I cannot thank them enough .”


“We recently had cause to involve Jonathan in a case being brought against the firm by the SRA.

His knowledge of the procedures and workings of the SRA must surely be second to none.

He was able to successfully cause the case against us to be dismissed, based on the merits of the arguments and points he put forward.

Furthermore, he is extremely approachable and easy to talk to when discussing any issues.

I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend him most highly.”


“We instructed Jon in relation to potential breach of Solicitors Accounts Rules. This was a complex and nuanced issue, and we needed our representative to fully understand the arguments. Jon certainly did that. He spent time taking detailed instructions, reading voluminous papers and produced two sets of outstanding Representations which outlined the issues clearly. Ultimately the Regulator elected not to pursue the investigation and we believe that Jon’s work was pivotal to that decision. We were hugely relieved and delighted by the outcome. We would recommend Jon to any firm facing an investigation by the Regulator.”

Firm of Solicitors

“Jon was recommended to me as the solicitor who carried most weight with the SRA. In my initial meeting with him, Jon was clear, positive, and clearly knew his stuff. He turned the work around quickly, and his letter to the SRA was authoritative, clear and robustly argued. It led to the SRA concluding that the complaint to them did not meet the threshold criteria and throwing it out. I would strongly recommend using Jon at an early stage.”


“Jonathan resolved an issue for me that I feared would derail my legal training, and I couldn’t be more grateful for his invaluable insight, excellent legal advice and clear, prompt communication. Throughout the process, Jonathan was incredibly reassuring, guiding me with confidence and expertise. I honestly can’t recommend Jonathan highly enough. If you’re ever in need of legal assistance that truly makes a difference, then Jonathan is the one you want.”

Legal Professional

“I first made contact with Jonathan after receiving an email from my regulator stating I had behaved inappropriately or sexually towards another. The process lasted nearly 16 months. Throughout this period, Jonathan worked tirelessly to secure me the right result. Unfortunately, the case escalated to the SDT. I instructed Jonathan to take charge of the two day hearing as I was sure he was the right person.

His advocacy was quite simply outstanding. He was factual, professional, persuasive and to the point. I have never witnessed such advanced advocacy in my career. He was also very understanding and flexible at all times during the process. We were able to win the case against all odds. I will forever be grateful to Jonathan for his help and guidance in really putting his all in and going above and beyond. In summary, Jonathan was pivotal in driving me out of a dark place and really getting my life back on track.

I would recommend Jonathan at all costs.”


“I was lost, extremely stressed and distraught when I received a complaint letter from the ICAEW. I sought confidential counselling with CABA and the prospect of seeking legal help was raised, which led me to Jonathan’s practice. After putting in a request for service, he was very prompt in contacting me to listen to my concerns, my desired outcome and he talked through his experience and how he could assist me.

I sent the letter to Jonathan, together with the evidence bundle that the ICAEW shared. We agreed that he will produce a response letter to the ICAEW. He provided a first draft that was of extremely high standard, citing all relevant case law and ICAEW regulations to defend my position.

The ICAEW eventually responded to the letter and informed us that after considering the matter together with our response, they concluded that there was insufficient evidence and had therefore closed the file. Jonathan was very professional and supportive throughout the process.”

Chartered Accountant

“Jon is an exceptionally talented advocate . I instructed him to defend me against extremely challenging allegations before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, he skilfully navigated through a minefield of evidence and with diligent and forceful advocacy succeeded in making the SRA fully withdraw their allegations.”


“I made contact with Jonathan soon after receiving my letter from the ICAEW. A previous employer had levelled some serious accusations against me and I feared for the future of the business I had spent years building. After searching online I found Jonathan’s website and trawled through the testimonials.

I decided that the potential ramifications were so severe that I needed legal assistance. In hindsight it was the best decision I have ever made. From the first conversation with Jonathan I felt like I was in safe hands. It was immediately apparent how well informed he was on the process I was involved in and how the ICAEW would approach it.

We collaborated to produce a first response. Jonathan’s input reinforced the factual information I had provided. The knowledge of the rules/precedents that he included added an extra dimension to the letter which I could not have achieved myself.

When ICAEW eventually responded to our letter they informed me that after considering the response they believed no further action was required and the file was closed. This outcome exceeded my wildest expectations.

I struggle to put into words how grateful I am for Jonathan’s assistance. Throughout the process I always felt like he understood how much a successful outcome meant to me and my business as well as bringing a calmness to the proceedings that was invaluable.

The feeling of relief when hearing the news was overwhelming. I have spent the last 5-6 months frozen, only able to look backwards. Thanks to Jonathan I can now finally move forward again and I cannot describe how liberating that is.

Please contact him if you require assistance, in my experience you will not regret it.”

Chartered Accountant

“Facing action from a regulator, in my case the SRA, is a very scary and lonely situation to be in. The best thing I did was call Jon. My only regret was that I didn’t do so sooner.

Jon’s advice was clear and honest throughout. He has an incredible understanding of the whole process. His written representations were extremely thorough and very impressive.

I felt reassured to have him acting for me. He understood my position. I was so impressed with his advocacy and negotiating skills, in achieving, what was for me, an excellent outcome.

Facing a regulator is not something you want to do alone, and Jon is exactly the person you want in your corner.”


“Having had the chance to read the SRA’s decision in full, to say that I am relieved is an understatement! The investigation had been ongoing for a considerable amount of time and knowing I had done nothing wrong and reading the caseworkers recommendation initially, was difficult.

I was initially hesitant in instructing Jon, as I believed I could draft my own representations. However, after contacting Jon and reading his throughly drafted representations, I was extremely pleased at both Jon’s assured and direct way of communicating, in what was a very distressing time, and how clear and to the point the representations were. Highlighting the key areas of issues/disputes and putting my case across very comprehensively.

I also appreciate the way in which Jon timely dealt with my case as I did contact him at the very last minute. However, at no stage did Jon let this affect my case detrimentally!

If any professional is in a similar situation, I fully recommend contacting Jon! Thank you again for all your help with this, it has been much appreciated.”


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