Responding to the Initial Complaint

If the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) receives a complaint about you, you will be asked to respond. Before you do anything, please contact us for advice. We can respond to CILEx on your behalf, providing evidence to demonstrate your compliance with the Code of Conduct.

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Complaints to CILEx

If a complaint is made regarding your conduct as a chartered legal executive, CILEx will carry out a preliminary investigation. The purpose is to check whether or not CILEx has the authority to hear the complaint, and whether there is sufficient evidence that shows you breached the Code of Conduct.

At this stage, you may be completely unaware that a problem has been raised. This will remain the case if CILEx rejects the complaint. However, if the regulatory body suspects that there may be a case to answer, there will be a formal investigation. This is the point at which you will receive correspondence from CILEx, asking for your input.

Responding to the initial complaint

In particular, you will be asked to provide a response to the complaint. You can also provide evidence to support your case. Your response, and your supporting evidence, requires careful consideration. Get it right and the case against you will be dropped. Otherwise, you can expect the matter to be referred to either the Professional Conduct Panel or the Disciplinary Tribunal.

To prevent the complaint from escalating, please contact us for advice. You should do this as soon as you become aware that a complaint has been made against you. We can manage the situation for you, offering expert legal advice and liaising with the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives on your behalf.

Our first step will be to gather evidence that shows how your conduct adhered to the rules and regulations set out by CILEx. We will then draft a response, clearly explaining how you met the standards expected of you as a chartered legal executive, and how the evidence proves your case.

Alternatively, it may be advisable to admit to the allegations and enter into a determination by consent. This is when you agree to a certain sanction. We can explain the options, suggesting whether it would be better to accept the charge of misconduct and negotiate a penalty, or whether to contest the allegations.

Get expert legal advice

You might be tempted to respond to CILEx yourself. However, we have an in-depth knowledge of CILEx’s Code of Conduct. Furthermore, we are extremely experienced in responding to initial complaints received by CILEx. The likelihood is that you have never been in this situation before.

There is a lot at stake and you will no doubt want the matter dealt with as quickly as possible. We can apply our expertise to secure a swift and successful conclusion. This ensures you can put the matter behind you and move on with your life.

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