“I am very delighted to note that the tribunal has dismissed the complaint and has no adverse findings to me. With great pleasure, I write to express my gratitude for your support and thoughtful help.

As a native Chinese in Hong Kong, it was such a strange and tough experience to handle a complaint raised in the UK. The investigation has taken over two years to complete. My English is not very good and I do not have any connections in the UK. Once I noted the complaint would be put to public hearing by the Disciplinary Committee, I found I should seek legal advice and assistance, although it should be a bit late.

Fortunately, I happened to find you, Jon, because you are a specialist in handling disciplinary cases in the UK. I trust that your experience, attentiveness and professionalism could help defend the complaint and ensure the hearing is conducted fairly.

Indeed, with your skillful and professional assistance, I could keep my hard-earn professional membership and have the complaint dismissed. Throughout the hearing, I found that you are really an eloquent advocate and your suggestions of case laws, examples and illustrations in defending or supporting your reasons are amazingly abundant. I felt you had been well-prepared.

Once again, thank you very much, Jon. Well done!”