I instructed Jonathan Goodwin after I was accused by the SRA of the most serious allegations of dishonesty, amongst other breaches of the Solicitors Codes of Conduct.

After 20 years of unblemished practice,
I found myself fighting for my professional life in a regulatory quagmire.

After taking my full instructions in what was a complex matter, Jonathan responded to the SRA with a detailed 28 page letter and paginated bundle of 70 pages of exhibits that captured the essence of my version of events. His response not only articulated my position but also brought to the attention of the SRA salient facts that I had simply not considered myself.

I was convinced that the matter was destined for the SDT which would have meant prolonged trauma for myself and my family together with the inevitable associated costs of an SRA prosecution.

Jonathan held my hand throughout the agonising ordeal and was always available for me at the end of the phone or by email.

Today, Jonathan called me to tell me that the 11 month investigation by the SRA was finally over.

The SRA had considered Jonathan’s thorough response and had decided to close their file with no further action whatsoever.

It is difficult to commit to words the feelings and emotion that Jonathan’s phone call brought to me this morning. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this day would come. I can only put it down to Jonathan’s skill, experience and knowledge of regulatory matters.

Whilst todays result has still not entirely sunk in (I feel emotionally and mentally drained) I will be eternally grateful to Jonathan for winning my case and for securing justice for me and my family.

Instructing Jonathan was the best decision I have made. I now have my life back and can only look forward to the future with positivity.

Thank you Jonathan.