“I engaged Jon Goodwin to act on my behalf for an ARB investigation that was being conducted due to a complaint against my professional conduct. Jon’s expertise and knowledge of ARB disciplinary proceedings was why I engaged Jon in the first instance. The quote was competitive and so Jon began to provide his services. Firstly Jon provided the ARB with architects terms and conditions and complaints policy documentation for my company. Without Jon’s guidance and expertise with ARB investigations I would never have been able to navigate through the legal elements of this investigation. In my defence and on submission of Jon’s legal representations and documentation to the ARB the outcome was finally a successful one as the ARB subsequently withdrew any accusations against me, thus meaning I can now concentrate on working as an Architect without the worry of this. I will be highly recommending you to any other architects who are in a similar position as I was. Thank you Jon for all your efforts and taking the stress of what was a challenging time.”

Thank you – Architect