Partner, Law Firm

“We have engaged Jonathan’s services on two occasions, the first in April 2018 when we were served notice of investigation by the SRA.

This had not been anticipated and after more than 30 years practice as a solicitor was somewhat of a shock to be the subject of an investigation.

We quickly realised that we would need expert legal advice and assistance and Jonathan was found upon recommendation. He gave very good early advice prior to my having to attend a meeting with two SRA investigators which was then followed by a file inspection.

There then following a period of constant pressure from the emailing of questions from the SRA which resulted in our having to devote a large amount of management time and caused great stress to the partners of the business. Jonathan was of great assistance in this time and prepared an extensive letter of response to the SRA which showed his experience and expertise in the area of SRA investigations and brought the investigation to an end.

After 9 months (!), we were then served with the investigation report and an Explanation of Conduct Letter in March 2019 and immediately engaged Jonathan’s services again. He prepared a great letter of response which was sent to SRA on 26th April and the following day(!), the SRA sent a letter confirming it was closing the file. This might very well be a record win!!

This was such a great result for Jonathan (and for this firm) and lifted the great pressure we were under of the SRA possibly taking the matter to Tribunal.

I cannot speak too highly for Jonathan’s ability and his empathy for the situation we encountered. He also has great insight into the SRA’s methods and thinking (having acted for them in an enforcement role for many years) which gives him an added “edge” over other Solicitor Advocates.”

Partner, Law Firm