“I am currently practicing as a solicitor running a small law firm. I was subject to a SRA Investigation which commenced over a year ago.  My entire life was turned upside down.  Every aspect of my life and practising career came into question.  This has by far being the most difficult time in my life. Having Jon in my corner guiding me and dealing with my case was one of the best investments I have ever made. 

I contacted Jon following recommendations by three other solicitors who had come across him. Two of whom he had prosecuted in the SDT on behalf of the SRA. It is a testament to his skills and expertise if solicitors he has prosecuted can in the future recommend him to others. 

Jon is knowledgeable in regulatory matters. He has a wealth of experience of prosecuting solicitors and defending solicitors.  This experience gives Jon confidence which I am sure will be reflected in his advocacy.

Jon not only gives good, sound legal advice but his advice is also practical. Jon appreciates the effect the Investigation and consequences of the SRA involvement are likely to have on the individual solicitor’s daily practice and the effect on the solicitor’s personal life and family.  He acts with integrity, professionalism in all his dealings.  I am grateful to Jon and his team for the support provided, I doubt I would have received the same outcome if I did not have Jon in my corner.

Jon is supported by two extremely good members of staff as back up. His office is efficient and well managed. Jon has good systems in place to ensure his work is always performed to an excellent standard and in a timely manner. Jon prepares well which is apparent when was able to recite facts in my case which even I had forgotten about.  I would recommend Jon to anyone in need of assistance.”