“I am incredibly grateful for the support and guidance throughout the entire investigation. When I first received the e-mail from the SRA I was distraught. I feared the worst and panicked, I had no idea how to approach it or formulate my initial response. Crazy given I’ve been practising as a solicitor for nearly 20 years (!) but I felt my practising certificate was at risk and I needed specialist advice. The whole situation was extremely stressful, made worse because I was working out my notice period in my current firm and about to start a new job in a new firm.

As soon as we spoke, I felt reassured and well informed. You gave me an overview of the process, told me how we could deal with it and what you thought would be the outcome, although nothing could be guaranteed.

Fortunately the SRA dealt promptly following your response to them, and closed the investigation without any further action. The relief I felt when you called to inform me of their decision was overwhelming! I felt like a weight had been lifted and it was only then I realised just how stressed I was!

I’ve now started my new role with a clean slate. I’d recommend you to anyone who encounters any issues with the SRA.

I am very grateful for your support and whilst I hope I won’t need your services again; I wouldn’t hesitate to call if I ever needed to.”