“In 2020 I was informed a practice I had been a partner at for many years had made a report to the SRA making several untruthful allegations including some of dishonesty. This is not a letter I would wish on any fellow professional. Upon receipt I went into sheer panic. My good name and reputation were being questioned.

I made the decision I had no option but to find the best representation possible. My reputation, career and future ability to work and my family name was at stake.

I spent endless hours searching for the best reputation, someone who would fight for me as if they were fighting for themselves.

I came across the website of Jon Goodwin and read his numerous positive reviews. I noted Jon has also years of experience in work for the SRA making prosecutions so he would have detailed knowledge of defending these claims.

I contacted Jon with his online form and within minutes he called me back. I explained the dire situation I found myself in and the panic and uncertainty I felt after so many years in the profession.

As soon as I spoke with Jon I knew he was the “man for the job”

We discussed what was ahead and the stages that would follow if the matter was progressed by the SRA.

At all times Jon and his incredible team were there for me, always making himself available. Jon always believed and accepted what I was saying and never doubting my detailed responses to the numerous allegations made.

Jon was fighting for me to ensure I could continue to practice as a Solicitor, retain my reputation and to continue in a career which I had enjoyed for so many years.

His intimate knowledge of the SRA rules is incredible and ensured all responses to allegation were thoroughly and expertly dealt with by way of detailed methodical responses. His drafting skills in preparing the detailed responses to the notice were incredible.

After a very long stressful 3 years, the phone call from Jon telling me the SRA would be taking NO FURTHER ACTION left me in shock, tears and speechless.

THANK YOU JON, you have ensured a future for me professionally and stability for myself, wife and children.

Jon you will never know how much your support meant over the last 3 years. I do not think I could have got through it without you.

I have no hesitation to recommend Jon for any regulatory issue you may be faced with, you could not find anyone better than Jon with his detailed knowledge and considerable wealth of experience.

May you be blessed with good health and strength to be able to represent fellow professionals for many years to ensure they are represented in the best way possible and to ensure they get the best possible outcome.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am indebted to you for ensuring the correct outcome was achieved.”