“When I first received notification from the SRA regarding an investigation into my conduct, I naively thought I would be able to deal with it myself. I did the initial responses believing so long as I was honest and transparent the SRA would have a positive response. This was not the case.

The investigation was lengthy and further questions were asked and at each juncture the SRA escalated the matter before I received a notice that the matter would be referred to the SDT. The level of stress of was unbelievable and I was now at risk of losing my professional qualification.

In my research for help I can across Jonathan’s website and the reviews were positive. From the beginning Jonathan was amazing. He explained the process and highlighted why matters had escalated and the importance of having his support from day 1. Most importantly he explained what steps could be taken to minimise the outcome of the investigation.

The arguments he raised and the drafting of legal principles for regulatory matters were alien to me and I should have sought his advice much sooner. The pressure and stress of being investigated also felt less as he was there to explain and to listen which was very reassuring.

Nearly 2 years later the matter was resolved by way of an RSA and was the best outcome I could have hoped for. Before Jonathan’s input I was looking at being struck off and had it not been for his help that is probably where I would have ended.

If you are ever unfortunate to be in a position where the SRA are investigating you, then I would highly recommend getting in contact with Jonathan as soon as possible.”