“I can only say a thousand times thank you, thank you, thank you Jon. Jonathan Goodwin is nothing short of incredible and in my view a life saver. In a time of deep distress worry and anxiety, facing false allegations of dishonesty, Jon Goodwin was calm, measured and most importantly responsive. Nothing was too small and too trivial to talk through and explain which gave me great comfort.

Thanks to Jon Goodwin’s incredible work and his exceptional knowledge of the SRA, the rules and the law, I was informed they would not be proceeding with dishonesty allegations that were absolutely awful. Jon Goodwin’s response to the allegations and his knowledge was so amazing and so powerful that it literally stopped them from going further on that matter. I am so grateful to have found Jon and I would say to anyone who is worryingly dealing with the stress of an SRA investigation to go to Jon Goodwin; if you want the best fighting chance of success, Jon Goodwin is the person to have in your corner.”