“Instructing Jon was one of the best investments I have ever made. After seeing Jon in action in the SDT, particularly his cross examination of the witnesses, I stand by that comment.

In terms of his Advocacy and Cross examination, we have all see Courtroom dramas on television where an advocate cross examines a witness where the effect is theatrical and explosive. Jon’s cross examination during my case can only be described in the same way. During cross examination Jon remained calm, he was measured yet at the same time his cross examination of the witnesses for the SRA had the same theatrical and explosive effect that Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson’s performance had in the famous movie A few Good Men.

The witnesses were not credible. Jon’s cross examination was well planned, well prepared and his approach had the effect of eliciting information and admissions from the witness. He had the ability to not only obtain the truth from them but also have them make admissions that they were untruthful. I have been doing court work for nearly 15 years; I have never seen an advocate with cross examination skills akin to Jon’s. I have never seen a trial in person which could have been part of a Hollywood movie. The result was that after Cross examination of the witnesses and obtaining admissions from them, Jon was able to make an application of No Case to Answer and the Tribunal dismissed 11 allegations of misconduct with 5 allegations of dishonesty. I am so pleased as the allegations could have ended my career. Fortunately I can now look to the future having had my name cleared and been vindicated of the allegations which were false and untrue. I doubt a lesser experienced advocate than Jon could have obtained the same result. I know I could not have and I consider myself to be reasonably skilled.

Solicitors wanting to advance their careers can literally spend hundreds and thousands on attending Advocacy Courses. After seeing Jon in action, my advice, save your money on training courses, find out when Jon is going to be in Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, go along to sit in public gallery and watch him in action, you will learn a lot and save a fortune. I may have been defending my name and my career, and I am hopeful I can get back to court work soon, I have been making notes based on Jon’s performance for next time I represent a client in court and next time I have an opportunity to cross examine, although it will take years to get to the level of Jon’s advocacy skills.”