“Dear Jonathan,

I was extremely anxious about the SDT hearing but had the very great fortune of you accepting instructions to represent me at the two day hearing. As soon as I spoke with you on the phone and in person I knew straight away that I was in good hands but more than that your empathy meant a lot to me. As a gamekeeper turned poacher (if you allow) it was a great comfort to me that you were familiar with the likely SRA tactics and able to point out their errors. Your knowledge and expertise of the rules, regulations and case law, it very soon became apparent, is second to none. Your approach in trying to negotiate an agreed outcome and do away with the hearing, although rejected on the part of the SRA, was much appreciated as I would much rather not have had to give evidence.

Your tactics on day one to go on the offensive and to try to knock out the three allegations was impressive and while it succeeded in knocking out one and your excellent advocacy very nearly succeeded in knocking out the other two we were stymied by the Tribunal bench. At that point I confess I was deflated but with your encouragement you made me believe that we still had good arguments. Your tactic to call me to give evidence straightaway was inspired and worked as, in my opinion, the cross examination by the SRA Advocate was neither very detailed or aggressive. Whereas your advocacy was exceptional, at one point you even got the SRA barrister to agree to your way of thinking! After a very detailed summing up by you which really left the Tribunal with no room to manoeuvre towards a decision against me we won and all allegations were dismissed. A really exceptional result. Thank you!

You explained that the SRA no longer instructs you. Well all I can say is more fool them and good luck to professionals who need really exceptional representation. Without being cheeky, your name really says it all; Goodwin!

I would not have the slightest hesitation in recommending your services to any professional and am already spreading the news of your talent.

Thank you again Jon for all you did for me. Very best wishes for the future.”