“I am very impressed with Jonathan’s resolution of my case, without a hearing, by way of an agreed outcome and a fine, in an instance where I had a criminal record and was really looking at a much more severe sanction from my regulator.

Jonathan is in a unique position of having also worked for the SRA, before switching sides, during his 25 years’ in practice.

I have Jonathan to thank for quite frankly saving my chosen career, a career I worked hard to build and which was under threat for over 15 months, until the resolution finally came.

Jonathan is a straight-talker, there’s no ton of legalese or lengthy advise to ponder, he gives it to you straight, he lets you understand that you are under no illusions that the situation is dire, but he will do his best, using his experience and contacts, to get the best outcome possible under the circumstances, which I must admit is exactly what happened in my case, just as I was beginning to lose hope.

Jonathan thinks strategically and knows the regulator rules inside-out (in my case, he was, effectively, telling the tribunal what their own rules are, that’s how well-versed he is) and is realistic about what negotiations and outcomes can be achieved in the circumstances.

He also offers value for money – in that the fees I paid him for my case were a fraction of what was quoted to me by another law firm.

All in all, I have Jonathan to thank for me remaining in my chosen profession and I cannot recommend him enough to anybody who finds themselves in trouble with the SRA (or other regulatory bodies).”