“Dear Jon,

I wanted to thank you for getting me re-admitted back onto the Roll of Solicitors.

Due to complex personal circumstances I had voluntarily removed myself and had no idea that getting re-admitted was anything more than completing some documents and paying a fee.

I laboured for months by myself and the expression “a person who acts for himself has a fool for a client” comes to mind. Never was a truer word said.

From the moment I instructed you, I knew I was in safe hands.

You were efficient, you anticipated how the SRA would react and your drafting exceeded my expectations.

At no time did you give me false hope. Despite the SRA initially appearing to be going to come to a contrary conclusion, I have been, through you, resorted to the roll and I will forever be thankful.

If anyone finds themselves in a position of engaging with the SRA and thinks they can do it themselves, think again and I would suggest that their first port of call should be Jon Goodwin. A true expert.”