Dear Jonathan

I just wanted to express my sincerest gratitude for your help with my recent matter with the SRA. Your response to them was thorough and very detailed. I just cannot explain the enormous relief I felt after you informed me that they had closed their case.

If any solicitor finds themselves being investigated by the SRA, then all I can say from my own personal experience, please please do not underestimate how valuable it is to have professional representation. I can assure you from the moment you instruct Jonathan, he will do absolutely everything in his capacity where possible to maintain your career and reputation and fight very fiercely for you, which he did so brilliantly for me!

Jonathan your vast knowledge of solicitors regulatory rules, your years of experience and your professional in-depth response to the SRA was extremely reassuring and ultimately proved invaluable in supporting my case and there being no case to answer. I know the outcome can never be guaranteed but you certainly put me in good stead with the response you prepared which you advised me was the best way to proceed. Your colleagues are equally amazing and Sharon, thank you for being so compassionate every time I have called, and for being so kind throughout this ordeal.

You really are guardian angels. I just can’t thank you enough for restoring my career and reputation.”