“I was told by my firm that they had decided to report me to the sra. I immediately knew I had to get some representation and it needed to be the best. I was recommended to Jonathan Goodwin. I was told he had worked both prosecuting and defending so he seemed like an ideal choice.

The last 2 years have been difficult and stressful for me and I have been so worried about being struck off. The biggest comfort was knowing that I had the best representation on my side throughout.

Jonathan’s attention to detail is peerless. He has been on both sides of the argument so is able to offer sensible and considered advice. He was also able to give me the comfort I needed when I was feeling overwhelmed and when things looked bleak.

Despite our best efforts my case went to a tribunal. Again Jonathan was a massive comfort. His summing up was superb and is a truly great advocate. He knows this area of the law backwards. He also genuinely cares about his clients. You really feel that both him and his lovely team care about your case and you are more than just a client.

I got a really good result and I owe that to him. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Top man and top lawyer, although I don’t want to need him again!”