“My professional legal career is about providing advice and guide to clients’ in need of help and support The SRA investigation caused me to feel vulnerable and in need of my own specialist support.

I can not remember how I found Jonathan – I am just extremely grateful I did!

From our first meeting, Jonathan was able to explain the process and through his thorough in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the SRA, started to discuss various options and a way forward.

I will say from this point I was able to start to relax, knowing I had such an experienced and knowledgeable advocate on my side.

I was desperate not to have to attend a tribunal hearing, and in the end thanks to Jonathan’s negotiating skills and his excellent presentation of our evidence, we were offered and accepted an AO settlement agreement.

I will always be extremely grateful to Jonathan for all his amazingly help and support, it has truly made a difference in the quality of my life, during a time I felt extremely vulnerable”.