“Dear Jon,

I just wanted to drop you a very short line, to say thank you very much for your help and support through this extremely traumatic and difficult time.

I do not recollect how I became acquainted with your services, but what I can say is that your service support and help was in stark contrast to the previous occasion when I was referred to the SRA, when I instructed a substantial city firm to act on my behalf. Admittedly the city firm had beautiful offices, but that is the only thing that they had, they promised the earth, charged me significantly more than the agreed fees, and then the solicitor dealing with the matter was sick 10 days before the hearing and I had to instruct a QC at the last moment, needless to say the result was not satisfactory.

I cannot, but contrast the difference with your service, from the moment I spoke to you, it was clear that you understood the trauma and stress of being referred refer to the SRA, for doing your job, as most solicitors do to the best of their ability and having delivered a blinding result for the client.

From the moment I spoke to you, it was clear that not only did you understand the torment and stress over wrongful investigation, but you also understood the intricacies and anomalies of the SRA. You were able to assist me in anticipating how matters would be dealt with, and how to deal with matters efficiently, cost effectively add with the least pressure possible and to obtain the best outcome.

I am delighted that we have now been notified that this matter is not progressing, and there is going to be no further repercussions from the matter, which was the correct outcome, but that doesn’t mean it is the outcome that would have transpired if you had not been dealing with it.

I would add the final point, I am an experience litigator who obtains great results for clients on the frequent basis, but the old adage someone who acts on their own behalf has a fool for a client, is especially true when dealing with the SRA. It is also imperative to remember the SRA works with different rules which you understand and I am curious how many other people do.

Many thanks again for your great service which was dealt with in the agreed budget and time frame (insofar as the time frame was under your control).

Very best wishes for the future.”