“I instructed Jonathan when faced with an investigation, and one which included an allegation of dishonesty. This could have had incredibly serious professional consequences. The dishonesty allegation in particular was a cause of considerable upset and distress, on both a professional and personal level.

Jonathan was, from the outset, a reassuring presence; calm, professional, and the voice of reason. His management of expectations was excellent.

After many months’ anxiousness, Jonathan responded in the matter on my behalf. I very soon thereafter received a phone call from Jonathan to let me know the matter was closed, and with no further action being taken.

I have no doubt whatsoever that Jonathan’s skilled correspondence, which conveyed my response with clarity, persuasiveness, and to the point, was the key to resolving this issue.

The reality of closure has, perhaps, not yet quite sunk in. I am though sure that instructing Jonathan was the best decision I could have made.”