“When we were notified by the SRA that we were being investigated, we initially had representation in place straight away. Our representative fell ill just as the SDT proceedings had commenced and we found ourselves without representation and a number of deadlines to meet. After contacting several solicitors, I came across Jon. He was extremely approachable, down to earth and gave me confidence that he truly wanted to help us. His wealth of experience and knowledge was very impressive. Jon took our very complex case on at short notice without hesitation.

The SRA had alleged dishonestly, and their investigation covered 4 years, all of which were heart breaking and full of anxiety.

When drafting the Answers to the SDT, not only did he demonstrate his impeccable knowledge and experience in his field, he also demonstrated excellent writing ability. He approached each and every issued raised by the SRA in detail and took all we had to say into account.

It was never too much for Jon, he would ensure we held our meetings when it was suitable for us. During these meetings, he always provided clear and sound advise as well as listening intently to our responses.

Our hearing at the SDT lasted 3 days, and Jon’s advocacy skills were exceptional. Not only was he a truly professional and knowledgeable advocate, he proved to be a great support to us at an extremely difficult time.

We walked out of the SDT with the allegation of dishonesty unproven. Jon had stated that he wanted us to enter the SDT as solicitors and leave as solicitors. This is exactly what was achieved thanks to him.

We are eternally grateful and cannot thank Jon enough.”